How to choose Dentist for periodontic dentistry

by Media Brite Dentist
Check that the dentist has the specializations required to cover all procedures in the treatment plan. Usually, a dental clinic covers all specialties using more experienced doctors (useful if you want to come with your family, in which case it may be necessary to use pediatric orthodontics, prosthetics, and periodontic dentist). Ask if your doctor has performed similar procedures and what to expect during treatment.

Dental materials used

Technological advances in dental materials allow for visible progress from year to year. The treatment takes less, the procedures are more accurate and the appearance and the durability increase. You want a dentist with access to the latest materials and with training and experience in using them.

Hygiene - sterilization procedures and equipment

About sterilization and hygiene procedures, it does not compromise. Ask the periodontic dentist directly about the procedures and sterilization of the used instrument, and if he or she is hesitant or uncomfortable to answer, quit quickly and choose another cabinet. For example, it asks what class is the autoclave where the instruments are sterilized (Class B is the best, it allows the sterilization of solid, porous and bare materials.) Class N and S autoclaves have serious limitations.

Location and accessibility

The ideal location should be located close to home or work or on the road between the two. Although it seems among the last things to think about, it checks if there are free parking spaces (in Bucharest the parking is a problem and you do not want to lose half an hour looking for a free seat or risk getting your car parked incorrectly) and accessibility other means of transport.

Time saved

How much do you have to wait for - the scheduled hours are respected? Does the clinic or the cabinet have the necessary equipment to avoid wasting time with unnecessary roads (eg radiology)? Is there flexibility to reprogram a treatment session?

Relationship with the patient

It often sounds like a cliché, but the doctor-patient relationship is as important as other aspects. The doctor is kind, calm? Is the patient to explain step by step your plan and treatment options? What are the alternatives, what is mandatory and what is optional? A visit to the dentist is not a cause of stress and emotion if medical and ancillary staff is kind and empathetic. From the first consultation, you can figure out the quality of communication with your dentist.

Right price

The price must correctly reflect the other aspects of dental quality (experience, materials, equipment, location ...). The price itself should not be the first criterion of choice because a very small price can hide important shortcomings. Also, beware of very aggressive promotions, prices that seem incredible. Usually, there are hidden costs that occur later and you risk tricking yourself. The periodontic dentist should explain from the beginning all the costs associated with the treatment plan and the different pricing options, depending on the materials used. Also, you are interested in the optional payment methods (bank card, OP) and payment terms.


Usually, you choose a doctor recommended by family, friends, knowledge. Ask him/her about the issues mentioned above (experience, communication, materials and equipment, price, location) not happy with a simple recommendation. Beyond the recommendation, search the Internet to see opinions about the doctor and the dentist. Visit the dental clinic's website because many of the aspects of interest are likely to be covered. A good information session can help you quickly choose a dentist you can count on.


Prevention is better than treatment. It is an accepted truth but sometimes ignored. Is your dentist interested in the health of your teeth beyond the specific treatment? A good doctor will explain to you what prevention/maintenance plan you should follow, remind you of the regular procedures so that you can keep your impeccable smile. Find a long-term health partner for your teeth.


When you need a dentist (though you should not get to his office just when you need) ask your friends, friends, family. The recommendation is an important criterion and you can figure out the quality of the services of a dentist and his cabinet in general. 

Apparatus and interest in the latest developments in the field

A good dentist will never work with outdated or damaged appliances. It manifests an interest in the new technologies you expose. After all, technological advancement means less pain for you and less time spent at the dentist. Also, good quality materials mean durability, so it's important to be informed and use them. Also, a well-equipped clinic or clinic will also have the necessary equipment to perform radiographs or make implants and crowns and you will not be put on the roads longer than is the case.

Treatment discussed, not imposed

It is important for your doctor to expose your dental problems to your understanding and to give you treatment options. A periodontic dentist who imposes a specific treatment or tells you at the end what is the cost of the intervention should be avoided. Dental treatment is similar to other specializations: make informed decisions about procedures, used materials, duration, cost, etc. And here, beware of the trap of incredibly small prices. A small price reflects a less good product or hidden costs.


It is important to treat yourself to a specialist in your problem. Dentistry has many subspecializations, and a single physician is impossible to excel at all. Therefore, if you have a problem with incongruity (positioning) teeth going to the orthodontist, if you have a complicated infection it is good to call a doctor with surgery specialization or if you want to recover a tooth you can go to endodontic. Sounds complicated? Then choose a clinic where you can find all these specialists so you get the best treatment without having to run from one end to the other. Also, for the treatment of children's teeth, it is advisable to go to a pediatrician, a specialist in working with the little ones, so they will never be afraid of the dentist.

Services quality

A dentist at Media Brite Smile often makes an invasive operation. Even if it is painless, you seem to accept it more easily when you are kindly treated, both by the doctor and by the auxiliary staff. Respect for appointments, a decent, comfortable waiting room, and the existence of parking spaces - are some important criteria that do not work for the dentist's work but help to make the right choice.

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