How to choose a POS register For beauty salons?

by Ryan David Technical Consultant

When I think about introducing a POS register in a beauty salon, I am wondering what point of view, what criteria to choose, and what POS system is suitable for my salon.

I often say “Salon POS”, but I would like to summarize what role Salon POS plays and what kind of the point of sale now refers to.

 What is the POS Checkout?

 The “POS” at the POS register is the acronym of “point of sale” and is translated as “point of sale information management”.

 “Cash register” refers to a “cash register” and in the USA it is translated as a “money register machine”.

 In other words, the “POS Checkout System” means a cash register system that manages sales information at the time of receiving money with the customer.

 The cashier was created to calculate and record sales amounts in stores and preventing fraud.

POS register for beauty salons has evolved into a composite POS register system with customer management and reservation management.

 The POS cash register system connected to registered customer information and card payment service automatically displays sales aggregations and analysis results by accumulating information. If you take advantage of it, it will be easy to obtain materials to objectively analyze the management situation of the salon and explore the way to improve sales.

 Advantages of deploying POS checkout

 With the development of networks centered on computers and the Internet, it is possible to enhance its value by combining various information.

 In general, POS checkout records and confirms exactly when, who, what menu, and how much.

 Also, it can be used to aggregate and analyze the gender, age, and number of visitors.

 If it is a salon, it is convenient to manage unit prices, treatment contents, store sales, shop visit cycle, reservation method, etc.

 By hand, it may take time to input, or a mistake of the amount may occur, but if it is systemized, it is just to select if you have a menu registration in advance, because the operation is simple. It is easy to prevent accidental operation. One system that can manage many of this information together is using a PC or tablet.

 If it is a PC or a system built POS system, you have to choose the location for the installation, but the latest tablet type POS register is that you can install the app on a tablet such as an iPad without any location. You can use the function as a cashier system, so you can complete your accounting without having to go to the checkout.

 The cashless payment method of customers is progressing, but it also supports payment with credit cards, transportation IC cards, electronic money, etc., for salons and customers Smart accounting is becoming possible.


What is the point of sale register for beauty salons?

 The POS cash register system has been established and spread from the food and beverage industry. What criteria should I choose the iPad POS cash register system that suits the beauty salon?

 First, I think there are many salons where you can make various reservations  such as direct reservations, web reservations, and bookings using the portal site.

The ability to change reservations increases the likelihood of making mistakes with analog reservation management. If the reservation is batting, the customer will be waiting, and the staff themselves will be too difficult.

By systematizing it, customers can automatically place bookings in free space 24/7 for web bookings.

It also makes easy to find customers and change reservations without time when staff makes direct bookings.

 This alone will greatly reduce the burden of reception work.

 Next, the important thing for beauty salons is to properly manage customer information.

In the food and beverage industry, it is rarely necessary to accumulate and grasp the information of each customer, but in the beauty salon, it will be one-on-one customer service, so how to accumulate and utilize customer information becomes a point.

 The latest POS checkout system is also active when creating customer management and customer data.

 In addition to accounting function, reservation management function and customer management function are essential if you want to introduce an advanced POS cash register system that can be carried on a tablet.

 How to choose a POS register for beauty salons 

 What you need to think about when implementing is “feature”.

 Let's list the things that you want to make easy with the necessary movement of your salon while imagining the operation of the salon.

     I want to leave a picture in the medical file.

•    I want to see my visit history in the list

•    I want to manage tickets

•    I want to link with my credit card

•    I want a web reservation site

•    I want to link bookings with the portal site

 Depending on the size of the salon, the number of staff, the policy of how to serve customers, and how to make the menu, the required functions are different.

When we introduced a new system, we often hear that “it was hard to put into the staff.”

If you introduce a system with features that suit your store, you will be able to understand the need for staff other than you.

 There is also a cost to deploy the system.

There is an initial fee, monthly usage fee or purchase fee, optional fee, maintenance fee, and terminal fee. Also, check the contract period.

This depends on the service provider and needs to be confirmed.

Recently, there are cases where you pay a monthly fee without an initial cost. For a freshly opened salon, it is easy to introduce because it can be used without a large cost from the beginning.


The introduction of the POS register is to ease the operation of the salon.

By automating the work, you can cut the hassle, provide customers with a higher quality of service and technology, and use it for staff education.

For that reason, it may be quick to choose a high-performance one anyway, but that doesn't make sense if the cost is increased or used as an option cost.

Please try to determine and choose the function that you need for your salon, the function that you want.

Considering the POS register as one staff member, please choose how to use it for a long time.

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