How To Choose A Colour Scheme For Your Logo Design

by Divash Jain Digital Marketing Strategist

Our human mind is continuously being assaulted by myriads of visual stimuli. How mundane our world would have been if it were only black and white. But by fortune, nature never ceases to amaze us with its appealing colours and hues which provide visual delicacies for the human eyes. These colours also invigorate our senses and stimulate our creative senses. By this point, you ought to be wondering what creativity has got to do with your business and business logo. The face remains unchanged that business by its nature is restrictive and mundane. The sense of progression is demarcated by a monochromatic profit and loss statement and the fact is reflected in their logos and the colour they exhibit as well. Before you put subjective conjunction of your own do hear us out. An independent market survey conducted in 2018 had stated that 62-90% of the responding participants assert their own view of an organisation by simply looking at the logo design and logo colour. These facts come in handy when you are a logo designer and your goal is to create an engaging and at the same appealing logo for yourself, a friend or perhaps a multi-million dollar organisation. 

But just what is with these minute pixelled a dot that attracts influences and compels us so much. Psychologists stipulate that the visual cortex of the human brain has more to do with it than we previously thought. This small part behind our human brain is single-handedly responsible for the existence of this article, to begin with. In another word, this is part of the human physiology which is another fact to consider when you are to assert your viewer and audience. The rules applied in one context could be relevant to the following context also.

The contribution of these colour schemes is often ignored in favour of a more stylised approach. But the principles of the colour and its implementation stay the same across the board. The generalised insight on colour goes as-

Red and Scarlet: The application of red and scarlet shades could be seen more or less every marketing promotions and arts. The use of red in Logo design is a common phenomenon as well. You are to use red when you want to appeal to the more energetic, passionate and warm side of human beings. The colour also implies hunger and is frequently used in beverage logo designs.

Blue: The use of Blue in logo design is in the corporate domain. If you want your logo to have a professional look then there are a plethora of blue shades and taints which might satiate your need. The proper contrast with the mentioned red effectively might just be a cherry on the top.

Green: The use of Green naturally gives a feeling of foreboding and safety. It's sometimes the opposite of Red and used to point to the positive credentials of a person or a company. Save this in mind when you logo design viva partakes to green and environment-friendly credentials and motives.

Yellow and Orange: The appeal of yellow in a logo is only matched by the appeal of a sunflower to a child. We all love yellow as it makes us joyous and giddy for no apparent reason. The implications of orange are quite the same. While yellow is often utilised in designer clothes and accessories brand logos orange is used in most drinks and all. The choice is subjective and can work wonders if used with efficiency.

Use effectively in your logo design and witness the power of the colour first hand. Nature provides plenty of inspirations for the creative ones so start there.   



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