How To Choose A Color Scheme For Decorating?

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Choosing the right colors is an important aspect of decorating or redecorating your house. Besides, our genes are built to respond differently to different colors. So, proper coloring can change the entire mood of the house. Take it like this, your mood is off and all you want to do is to lie in your bed. But, suddenly your friends appear with a big pizza and ice creams and your mood suddenly jumps up. The right color does the same thing to our brain by ticking certain nerves.


Are you worried that you don’t know how to choose the right colors for your condo? Well, anybody would as everyone is not Picasso or Van Gogh. But, we are sharing some ideas of a few of the world renowned artists, so you won’t find it difficult to choose the right one for your interior design services singapore.


Our mood depends on the color


As mentioned above, color has the ability to play with our mood. The right color at the right time can affect our mood immediately, making us calm and relaxed from being ferocious or tensed. If one can choose the color correctly, it can work as a fundamental base of inspiration. You must have felt it so many times, but didn’t put too much importance to it. If you have ever visited an art gallery or a theatre hall, you can see how they use the color to lure the spectators before even the show begins.


Understand the color temperature


You must have heard that color can set a temperature and that is the main reason why we use different colors in our kitchen and our bedroom. Three warm colors are red, orange and yellow, which are undoubtedly very vibrant and bring more liveliness and attachment. Three of the cool colors are blue, purple and light green, which makes us calm and more relaxed. That is the reason why most people choose warm colors in their living room or drawing room and calming and soothing color to their bedrooms. Whenever you feel energized, you don’t want to stay in your bedroom, do you? That is why most of us spend most of our free time in the living room and go to the bedroom if we feel sleepy.


Change color tone, shade, and tint


If you want to stay with one color, you can combine that particular color with neutrals to create variations for different rooms.


·         You can tint color by adding white to it.

·         You can use the shade of darkness by adding black.

·         If you want semi-dark, you can add grey to make a different tone.

It is recommended to do some experiments by mixing different colors to find the right one for each room. For professional help, you can always consult the as they have years of experience in this field. They can give you a wide range of color options that will suit both your interior design and your moods.


Use different themes


You don’t want to use the same color for each room as it looks more like a hotel than a home. At hotels, the color has to be correct too, but you will find the same color for every room. But, at your home, you have the luxury to use different shades for different rooms. If you have 2 or 3 bedrooms, use different shades and color combos for each room. With different colors and landed property interior design singapore, each room will have distinctive themes and will carry different messages.

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