How to Check Iqama Online

by Kalifa M. Kmueen

How to Check Iqama Online

Foreign countries with oil especially the Muslim countries like Egypt, Morocco, UAE, Turkey, Oman, and Jorden, where work opportunities are higher and per-capita-income is more, most probably, along with visa, passport and health certificates also require an iqama document to let you work.

What is Iqama?

Iqama is a work permit, sometimes offered as a separate document and other times as a stamp on your passport, referring that you allowed working for a said period in the respective country that's issuing your iqama.

The expatriates, working abroad, don’t have to visit the official government offices of the respective country to check their iqama validity, or expiry and renewing clauses because all the information is easily accessible from the internet. How to do it, read further: to know how to check iqama online

Check Iqama Online:

Here is the step-by-step process of checking your iqama online:

Step 1- Login to Official Iqama website:

First of all, you require a digital device like computer, laptop or even a smartphone synced with the internet. On this device, you will have to google for the official iqama website of the country, from which your iqama belongs. For example, if you are working in Saudi Arabia, you will have to find the official iqama website of Saudi Arabia. Once the site is opened, there is Arabic fonts and language. Here is the guide to use iqama website to check iqama online:

visit iqama website from here 

click here 

1. Find the option and change the language to English (if you are good at Arabic, just leave this step).

2. From the number of categories, you will have to find the "E-Service" Category on the website.

3. In E-services category a complete menu is given, from the menu, you will select "Passport."

4. Under this category, a few more options will open, and you will choose "Iqama Expiry Service Query."

It will be like

Went to iqama website > Change Language > E-Service option > Passport > Iqama Expiry Service Query

Step 2 – Finding Iqama Number:

Now you have found the website and reached to iqama expiry service query; there you will be asked to enter your iqama id. Now, you need to get the document that’s called iqama. It is a card detailed in Arabic as well as English font and language having a yellow toned hologram impression at the background. On this card, you will find all the personal and working details of yours along with a category, iqama ID number. Note down this id number.

Step 3 – Entering Iqama Number:

Thirdly, you will have to enter the iqama id number. Iqama id is based on total ten digits that are unique and different for each iqama holder. It is the identity of your iqama document. Now, get back to the device that you are using for checking iqama online. Under Enter Iqama Number option, you will have to add the ten digits combination of numbers given at the iqama.

Step 4 – Note down Iqama Expiry and Validity Details:

After adding up the digits in the box given against entering iqama number, you will have to press enter. Once the Enter key is pressed, complete detail of your iqama will be right in front of you such as, issuance date of iqama, validity period and the date in which your iqama will be expired.

If the date of expiry is near, you need to renew your iqama. Otherwise, if you have time, keep in notice the date of expiry and save in into your phone with a reminder to ping you two months prior to the expiry date. By doing so, you will not need to check for online iqama details again and again.

Lastly, keep in notice that this article is formulized by keeping the KSA Iqama in mind, and if you are trying to check iqama online for a country other than Saudi Arabia, then although you will go through same steps to find iqama details but keep in notice that the iqama number combination and layout of the iqama document will be variable.


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