How to Change a Lawn Mower Blade

by Philip Y. Blogger

If you own a lawnmower and you begin noticing missing patches in grass while mowing, then the lawnmower blades aren’t sharp anymore and need repair. In fact, lawnmower blades can wear-out easily with regular-use and will need to be changed occasionally to make mowing-machine efficient. So, to keep your lawn healthier you will need to mow less-frequently with sharp, clean blades and if your mower-blades are damaged beyond repair then you will need to replace them as listed in the steps below;


SECTION-1: How To Inspect And Remove Old Mower-Blades:

1.      Lift the lawnmower-deck to expose the blades: First empty the carburetor and oil compartment to make sure that the oil or fuel doesn't spill over the engine or grass when the lawnmower is tilted. Afterwards, tilt the lawnmower backwards towards the handle and prop it with some kind of weight or even with help from a friend. However, this step may not be necessary for all lawnmowers and that’s why you will need to first the owner's manual to know if necessary for your lawnmower type. On the other hand, it’s also recommended to tilt your lawnmower with an empty gas-tank and this can be achieved by draining out the gas using a syphon hose in order to prevent gas from spilling onto the best self propelled lawnmower-body.


2.      Remove the spark-plug: unplugging the spark-plug is the best way to stay safe because it prevents lawnmower short-outs or electrical flare-ups in case any gas/oil came into contact with the spark-plug. Additionally, a lawnmower without a spark-plug won’t be able to startup thus making it extremely safe to repair the blades when it’s tilted upside down.


3.      Remove the mower blade-mounting bolt: Grab a socket wrench of an appropriate size and unbolt the mounting while using your other hand to prevent the blade from turning. However, be careful not to lose any mounting-hardware or washers that hold the blade into place and will be reused. On top of that, pay close attention to the positioning of the blade as you remove it because you will mount the new-blade in the same orientation with usually the sharp edge of the blade going counter-clockwise with the turning of the assembly. Lastly, this may not be the case on all lawnmowers and you just need to pay attention to the way the blade is installed.


SECTION-2: How To Install New Lawnmower Blades:

1.      Buy replacement blades: Replacement blade kits for lawnmowers usually cost a few dollars at most home improvement or hardware stores and come packed with new pre-weighted and sharpened blades coupled with replacement nuts. In fact, if the lawnmower-blades are worn out then it’s a great idea to invest in a new set. On the other hand, some lawnmower are equipped with a bottom cap on which two shorter separate blades are attached while some newer push mowers feature a longer single blade that look like a ruler. So, you will need to tilt the lawnmower-back to inspect the blade or just talk to someone at the hardware-store about the type of blade appropriate for your lawnmower-brand. However, you may also look for old mower-blades and get them sharpened if they seem to be in a good condition.


2.      Mount the new mower-blades into an appropriate direction: After purchasing the blades, line them up into the lawnmower as they were lined-up before and then reinstall the nuts and washers. In fact, you can even use new washers and nuts of the appropriate size but make sure not to over-tighten and warp the blade because this can cause vibrations in the mower. On the other hand, you should also know that mower-blades are either a specific or universal fit but make sure you have the same length as the old-blades before mounting the new-blades and also ensure that the clearance from the lawn mower deck is the same. Lastly, be very careful when tightening the new-blade onto the bolts since the blades will be much sharper and it advised to wear thick mechanic gloves when changing mower-blades.


3.      Check the mower-blade for play: After installing the blade into mowers-deck, check to see if it’s correctly installed and has no wobbles when you move it up and down firmly. Remove any props and jacks used to hold the lawnmower in place and tilt it back then wait for about 30-60 minutes for the oil to return to motor in-order to prevent motor-damage. Additionally, check the oil-levels before using the lawnmower in-order to ensure that it’s within proper-limits.


4.      Refill the gas-tank and do some pre-checking before mowing: After filling your lawnmower with gas, check the air-filter to be sure that oil did not saturate the foam-filter and also reattach the spark plug wire. Start your lawnmower and begin trimming grass more efficiently with your new blades. Now you can check video here,,,,,,

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