How to Care For Colored Hair wigs

by Vilma Baker seller
In addition to natural black color wigs, colored wigs have always occupied an important position in the wig market. Different from natural black color wigs, colored wigs will help people more easily show their individuality and highlight their own characteristics. Then there is a problem that cannot be ignored, that is how to care for colored wigs.
Today we will share some tips with you about that:

1. Combing before using shampoo
First of all, before washing your colored wigs, you need to bear in mind to comb your hair with a large-tooth comb and comb your hair till it's fully soft and free from knots! As a result, if you do not comb your hair 1st, it is easy to cover dirt between your scalp and hair. Within the long-standing time, you will not be ready to get enough nutrition at the tip of your hair. It is also straightforward to cause knotting and hair breaking once washing your hair!

2. Using shampoo after your hair is wet
When washing your colored hair wigs, many of us wipe shampoo on their hair wigs while the wigs are wet, however in reality, it is suggested that they must utterly wet their hair with warm water (rinse it for regarding one minute), so begin washing their hair, therefore on clean the dirt in their hair and avoid knotting as a result of the hair isn't wet enough.

3. Using a towel to press the wig
After washing your wig, using a towel to dry your hair wigs is an important step before blowing your hair wigs, but this step is also the key to making your hair wigs better or worse! When the wig is wet, the cuticles is open. If you rub it with a towel, it is easy to damage the cuticles, which makes the hair dull, even rough and easy to break! The hairdresser suggests that after washing your hair, just press the hair with a towel until it doesn't drip.

4. Avoid blowing your wigs backwards
The phenomenon of hair irritability and non pliability are easily caused by blowing the hair upside down. Hairstylists have some suggestions, dry the wigs from top to bottom along their own hair flow direction, then he problem of Cuticles being blown up is avoided.

5. Blower temperature
The last point is the temperature of the hair dryer! High temperature can easily damage hair, especially hair dyed and permed. Therefore, hairstylists suggest that in addition to the scalp, you can use cool wind to dry the rest of the hair tail. If you are not used to it, you can also change to cool wind mode after the hair is blown to 70% or 80% dry.

To get more useful hair wigs care tips, pls check this link


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