How to build a strong brand identity for a successful business

by Jerry S. Jerry Stark is a professional writer and publisher

With so many businesses crowding every industry and every market out there it’s become obvious that having a strong brand identity is more important than ever if you want to stand apart from the competition and make your business thrive. Of course, the constant evolution of marketing trends and the ever-changing consumer behavior are not making things any easier, but there are effective ways to tackle all these challenges. 

A brand identity is much more than a logo or other visual elements you use to promote your business. It’s about values, what you stand for, the messages you send across and the way you interact with your audiences. It takes time, smart branding strategies and consistency to transform a business into an authentic brand. These 5 effective branding trends are a good starting point if you want to create a strong identity for your business.

Use storytelling to connect with people

Storytelling is a fundamental component when it comes to branding. How was your business founded? What was the reason you started the business? People want to know the story behind your business venture so they can connect with you. Ads should do more than trying to sell products or services. They should convey a message that people can relate to, and all the elements that go into creating an ad should come together to back the story. 

Music plays an essential role in the whole process, as it tugs at customers’ emotional strings, pulling the viewer into the story. It’s important to choose the right musical background for your narrative. For example, Synthwave music is relevant for millennials, so it can help get your message across to this specific audience by creating a significant emotional impact and therefore making your brand memorable. 

Focus on customer experience

Every branding campaign must revolve around knowing and understanding your customers. This goal can be accomplished by learning how to use CRM systems and software tools. Great customer experience is based on creating strong and meaningful relationships with your audience. 

Nowadays, brands rely on increased transparency and efficient communication on all platforms to keep their customers engaged and win their loyalty. Successful businesses know that they must build a two-way relationship with their customers by allowing them to get involved with their creative process and become a part of the brand’s journey. It’s anticipated that in the near future brands will be differentiated not by the product range or by price, but by customer experience. 

Get involved with social causes 

People care about brands that care about social issues. Today’s businesses can no longer expect to thrive by using old models, based only on selling and making profit. People want to see brands that have a more humane approach to business and have a social conscience. They look down upon those companies who choose to remain indifferent to society’s problems and have an impersonal approach to all the things that are going on around them. 

As a business, you must prove that you care about the community that surrounds you and the issues it faces. The public expects you to use your power and influence to make a positive meaningful change in the world and set a good example for other businesses as well. So, every brand should focus on supporting and bringing awareness to a cause, whether it’s caring for the environment, reducing poverty, supporting children education, fighting discrimination or other common issues. 

Branding through influencers

The marketing landscape has been completely changed by social media players, otherwise known as influencers. Companies have been approaching influencers for quite a while to help them promote their products and services, and apparently their power continues to grow. 

It’ easy to understand how influencers can become important pillars in building your brand’s identity if you think about the fact that 73% of consumers base their purchasing decision on social media posts and 60% of them are more likely to purchase a product endorsed by an influencer if they come across it in a store. So, having an influencer with a large following as a passionate advocate for your brand can help you gain more visibility and promote your business more efficiently.

Focus on mobile user interaction

We already know that technology has become an important part of our lives and this bond is only going to deepen with time. It’s therefore imperative to keep track of how technological advancements influence consumers behavior and needs. These days, more and more people are using mobile devices to access the internet and stay in the know. Brands must keep up and adapt to the trend by offering customers high quality experiences on all mobile devices. For example, you must be aware that people will probably read your emails on a smartphone, so the content must be readable on smaller screens. Similarly, every element on your website should display properly and adapt to each user’s device. 

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