How to boost your APSense Content Marketing: 7 criteria for quality content

by Brahim A. APSense Adviser for Social Media!

APSense Content Marketing

How to boost your APSense Content Marketing: 7 criteria for quality content

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APSense Business Social Networks offers many tools to use in order to promote your online business or boost your career . But you need tu use Content Marketing to succeed in your task.

In fact, and for a good SEO, you already know, you need quality content. Is. But how to evaluate the value of a web page? And how do you ensure that you produce content that is good enough to please Google? Over the years, this concept has evolved continuously.

And it's not at all to know that quality is good for your SEO. It is important to understand which criteria are taken into account and what is the proper way to proceed. We have therefore gathered for you 7 criteria of a quality content.



1. Your APSense Business Center & your Brand Pages need a smart title

But still ? You will tell us. You experience it daily. To decide to click on a link, in the search results page, the pull must be of interest. A smart title is therefore a heading that:

• Contains the main keyword of the query

• Responds to a real problem

• Stands out by its turn and angle of approach or clearly states a promise (eg what to do in Rome in 3 days or why Facebook died without you knowing it?)


2. A really informative content

Among the factors taken into account by Google to measure the quality of content, we find: the bounce rate. This is the number of visitors leaving your website without consulting another page. The weaker it is, the better!

If your content really brings value to your readers, they will most likely want to visit other pages of your website or blog. This will act as an indicator of the quality of your content for the search engine. You should therefore provide qualitative and informative information for your audience.

Depending on your sector, it may be informative or even entertaining. In any case, you can not be content with superficial or impersonal texts.


3. Make it simple but not short!

We often hear that brevity is SEO's best friend. It is important to distinguish two elements. Simple, short and intelligible sentences are indeed better for the optimization of your articles. Nevertheless, this does not mean that your texts must be short.

Several studies have shown that the most shared items have at least 1000 words. The legend that the Internet users do not read your texts is to take with tweezers. If the content interests and captivates them, they will read and share. It is still necessary that the text is large enough to offer the necessary material.


4. Adapt your tone to your target

As with any communication strategy, it's important to remember who you're talking to. Your content is for your audience and may be different from your peers. That's why you have every interest in using a vocabulary and a consistent tone with your audience. Otherwise you risk losing your readers.


5. Stand out

Easier said than done ? Yes, without a doubt. Nevertheless, in a context where information is more and more numerous and Internet users are crumbling under the proposals, diversification is needed. For this, storytelling and copywriting methods can help you make a difference. Using your own experience to bring a different point of view or approach the topics starting from the problematic of your readers, can help you to make the mark and to propose really original contents.


6. Drop anchor

An anchor is a text in which one comes to place a hypertext link. It is common to place a URL on a mention of the type "read this", "discover here". But in terms of SEO, these anchors have no value. Prefer explicit words or phrases, which will provide Google with good information.



7. Beware of over-optimization

As you probably know, to improve the natural referencing of your content, you need keywords. Be careful, however, not to turn your text into a pool of keywords and empty sentences. Over-optimization is penalized by Google. Stay natural in the turn of sentences and maintain a ratio of 1% presence of the main keyword on the whole text.

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