How to Become a Professional Hacker

by Ovais Mirza Director, DICC

How to Become a Better Hacker - Learn Hacking Step by Step?


How to become a hacker? This is the question to which the correct answer is still not known to all. Even today, every time people hear the word "ethical hacking," they interpret it as an illegal and legal intrusion into another person's system, known as "Black Hat hacking." So in this blog post, we are going to guide you through the process of becoming a successful ethical hacker, explain the basics and essential hacking techniques, make you understand how hackers think and strategize and how to become a pro hacker in a world of an ethical hacking community of which you are apart. We have divided the learning process of ethical hacking into three parts.


What is The Ethical Hacker?


Ethical hacking involves entering the system to detect vulnerabilities, threats, etc. In general, ethical hacking is mainly aimed at improving network security. Ethical hackers usually use the same methods as malicious hackers, but ethical hackers do everything with the permission of the authorized person. However, Ethical Hacking is used to improving the security of systems against attacks by malicious users. Ethical hackers use their skills and some advanced methods to test organizations' IT security. An ethical hacker, also known as a "Black Hat hackers,"

Ethical hackers are a big part of helping companies secure their IT security measures. With advanced technology, they improve the efficiency of the system. Once the systems assessment of the Organization has been complete, the experts also brief the heads of companies in vulnerable areas, unsecured applications, etc., and advise them on how to improve security to eliminate cyberattacks.


How to become a hacker in just 10 steps?


When it comes to the security of computers and information systems, a hacker is someone interested in the security mechanisms of computers and network systems to locate and repair possible loopholes. There are many expert programmers and network experts on the market who are part of shared communities and cultures that have their history in the decades until the first time-share minicomputers and the first ARPANET experiences. Members of these cultures or communities were the first established hackers. Silently entering computers and phone systems with sneaky tricks has become the symbol of hacking in popular cultures and communities.


1.Run on an operating system similar to UNIX, like Linux


UNIX and operating systems similar to UNIX are the Internet operating systems. While a person can learn to use the Internet without knowing UNIX, they cannot be a capable hacker without understanding UNIX. For this reason, we must learn the criteria, hacker communities today revolve around UNIX. There are different operating systems, similar to UNIX, the most common being Linux, which a person can run with Microsoft Windows on the same computer. Learn how to hack beginners in this part.


The best way to start the installation of UNIX on the system is to start a device called Live CD or USB, a distribution that runs entirely from a CD or a USB key without the need to modify the hard drive. Besides Linux, there are few other operating systems similar to UNIX, such as BSD systems. The most popular BSD systems are FreeBSD, Net BSD, Open BSD, and DragonFly BSD. Like Linux, all of the above mentioned BSDs are open source.


A UNIX operating system available under FreeBSD is MacOs on Darwin. Darwin is available at "" and is an entirely free and open source. Since UNIX is the heart of the system and due to the growing popularity of MacOs, many people with Linux applications are now ported to macOS. These programs are available with a package manager such as Homebrew, Fink, or MacPorts. Or, a person can simply run Linux on a Mac alongside MacOs.


A person is also free to run operating systems like Open Indiana, based on the open-source version of the Solaris operating system before it is taken over by Oracle and converted to a closed source. Linux applications are not compatible with Open Indiana, and Solaris created under UNIX System V. It is suggested to use MacOs, BSD, or Linux only because they are more popular and have more programs.


2.Learn HTML


If the programming is new to a person, this person must learn the primary language Hypertext Mark-up Protocol, because mastering HTML is essential for any hacker.


Someone in their browser needs to open the source information for the page to be able to examine HTML code, for example. Select Web Developer> Page Source in Firefox and learn the code.


HTML can be written in a basic word processing program such as Notepad or Simple Text, which can be saved as "yourCoolFileName.HTML." These saved files can now be downloaded to a browser, and the coder can see his work translated.


3. Learn Other Languages Skills


English Language: If a person's ultimate goal is to become an ethical master hacker, they will need more than elementary English to write their masterpiece. Programming languages play an essential role in Hacker's life.


Python Language: Python is the best language for hacking because it is carefully crafted, well documented, relatively gentle with beginners, compelling, flexible, and well suited for large projects. It is considered an excellent first language in programming.


Programming Languages: Learn more about the most demanding programming languages in 2020


Java Language: For the advanced level of programming, the second-best alternative language available is Java.


Javascript: JavaScript is similar to Python but different from Java because it is a C-based language and completely user-friendly. The substitute for JavaScript is PHP C, which is a base language for UNIX. If a programmer knows the C language, then learning the C ++ language will be a real walk for him, because it is closely related to C.

A smart person is someone who starts by using the right platforms such as  Kali Linux, parrotOS, or Ubuntu.


4. Be a creative thinker


After learning the basics of hacking, a budding hacker must start thinking artistically. Established hackers are like engineers, artists, and philosophers and are united in one person.

Real hackers work as hard as they play and play as much as possible. "For them, the boundaries between" Game, "Work, "Science, "and" Art "tend to disappear or merge. Creative, playful level.


To be hackers, you have to read science fiction and attend science fiction conventions, which allows you to meet pirates and proto-pirates.


They can even learn martial arts because the type of mental discipline required in martial arts is the same as that required in piracy. The types of martial arts that focus on improving mental discipline, relaxed awareness, power control, rather than brute force, athletics, or physical awareness. Tai Chi is best suited for pirates.


5. Get into the habit of solving problems


Hackers are convinced that sharing information is a moral responsibility. Therefore, whenever someone solves a problem, they should make the information public to help those who share the same problem.


No hacker is forced to provide all of its creative ideas. But, the hackers who do it are the ones who get the highest respect from their Co-hackers.


Recommended reading older texts, such as the "Jargon File," the "Hacker's Manifesto" by The Mentor.


6. Absorb Combat Authority


The main enemies of a hacker are boredom, drudgery, and bossy figures who, with the help of censorship and secrecy, strangle freedom of information. Monotony distinguishes a hacker from computer hacking.


A hacker must learn to adopt hacking as a way of life, which means rejecting the "normal" concepts of work and property and choosing to fight for equality and shared knowledge.


7.  Be competent


Anyone who spends hours on Reddit and writes a random cyberpunk username can also pose as a hacker. But the Internet is a great equalizer that values competence about the ego and posture. A budding hacker must sharpen his skills and his art rather than refine his image because that would give them respect and not the superficial that we think of "piracy" in popular culture.


8. Start writing open source software


New hackers should start by writing fun and useful programs from the perspective of other pirates. And, they must also give their program sources to the entire hacker community.


9. Promote valuable information


A useful feature of an ethical hacker is that they should be able to collect and filter useful and interesting information from web pages or documents, such as lists of frequently asked questions (FAQs), and make it accessible to everyone. Those who maintain technical FAQs at the same level as open-source authors.


10. Helps run the Organization


The popular hacking culture is managed by volunteers who perform vital but inglorious tasks, such as managing mailing lists, moderating discussion groups, developing RFCs, and other technical standards. The people in these jobs deserve much respect because they consume much time and are not as fun as playing with codes.


At that time, many students participated in a training course aimed at creating a career in a specific field. Various training courses are now available to help students choose the perfect course. Training courses offer the opportunity to create a promising future. Training CEH (Certified ethical hacker) is the best course for a range of students worldwide. CEH certification course students learn about ethical hacking. It is an excellent choice for people who like to work in the hacker field. Ethics, you learn the techniques, tools, and mindset of pirates. It is beneficial for students to acquire various job opportunities.


11. Join Ethical Hacking Course of DICC


The training course allows you to learn how to become a certified hacker. Ethical hacker training helps people get more information about hackers. It allows you to protect sensitive corporate data from hackers. The ethical hacking course in delhi of DICC covers all the essential concepts of cyber security, ethical hacking and IT Security. Training allows you to learn new hacking techniques and eliminate problems on the network. However, you can acquire various opportunities to get a job on this platform. If you want to learn to hack, choose the best training institute, and get more hacking skills and knowledge.

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