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What is PHP Full Stack WEB Developer?

PHP Full Stack Web Developer  provides complete knowledge of software development  such as HTML,CSS, JAVASRCRIPT,C,C++,PHP,DATABASE MYSQL ,  CODEIGNITER , CMS etc. You'll build an end-to-end application, test and deploy code, and store data using database.

So what are the technologies & languages needed?

Front end Development :

Be it any web application page  or website the first  that are visible to the  eye is the front end page .  user directly interacts with the front-end portion, the focus will be on improving the visibility ,eye catching ,attractive and keeping the user friendly on the eye beyond the coding & development works behind. front end part is directly interact with the user.


The most common language that are used for front end development are:


HTML is a one of the most important language to design a web page . HTML is stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. this language used to design the front end  of web pages.  Html is a markup language ,The markup language is used to define the text documentation within tag which defines the structure of web pages & it only create a structure of web page.  Hypertext defines the link between the web pages.

One of the important front end languages is the CSS(Cascading Style Sheets). The main objective  behind the language for simplifying the process of making web pages presentable and eye catchy. Using CSS u can  apply styles to web pages and make the web page more stylish.

JavaScript is most important for the full stack developers as a front end language is the more  simplicity JavaScript brings along as you shift between technologies. JavaScript enabled the us to provide an interactive experience for the user. Enhancing the functionality of a website was where Java script is used as in  the front end languages.

A bootstrap free and open-source tool collection for most popular HTML, CSS, and JavaScript framework for developing responsive & mobile-first web sites.

Back end Development:

While the front end development focuses on delivering the best experience to the user & make user interaction , the focus on back end or in other  server-side development will be on how the website works in a best manner. Back End Development is responsible for managing the APIs by client-side commands and database through queries and syntax.


To store the data coming form user we used database, how important data has become in the modern world. And as a developer, it’s essential to be on top of the standards in Database Management as well. The collection of interrelated data that enable organizations with efficient  insertion and deletion , update , retrival of data from databases and organizes the data in the form of tables,schema, views, reports etc.There are different type of database we used to store data.

Database Languages:
Some of the most common language are:

Oracle: Oracle database is the collection of data which is treated as a unit. A database server and used to create, organize & manage information with the added purpose to store and retrieve information form the database   in the form of query.

Among the choices on NoSQL Database, the first choice among leading full stack web developers is the MongoDB. Nosql open source document-oriented database that isn’t based on the table-like relational database structure but provides an altogether different mechanism for storage and retrieval of data.. The term ‘NoSQL’ means ‘non-relational’.

 MY SQL is  abbreviated for Structured Query Language, SQL is a standard Database language that helps to create, maintain and retrieve the relational database.

Back end Development:

Backend Development is known as server-side development. backend means that the users can't see and contains behind-the-scenes activities that occur when performing any action on a website. It work on databases, backend logic, server and API.
The backend of a website is a combination of servers,database and application.  backend code  helps browsers in communicating with the databases and store data into the database, read data from the database, update the data and delete the data  from the database.

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