How to Become a Game Developer

by Andrew R. Researcher

Game developers are among the 10 most difficult to find jobs among technical professions, according to data from Indeed. 

With every company evoking the use of tech to some degree, with digital transformation projects underway in many industries to try to keep up with the digital trends. This means that the demand for developer talent has since increased in recent years, as companies strive to look for competent developers to bring in new ideas.

Almost every gaming fan with interest in coding dreams of becoming a game developer. The actual process of becoming a game developer is both difficult and easy at the same time. So how does one become a game developer?

  • Become an adept student of the subject

The first step to mastering anything is to become an adept student of that subject. If you want to become a great musician, listen to great music first. If you want to become a great writer, read great novels before writing. And if you want to become a developer and develop great video games, play the great games already available trying to understand the various decisions developers make while coding.

  • Immerse Yourself in the Community

Most developers gain a clear insight into how to become great game developers by being active in the community. By being active in the community and understanding what people want, what is out there in the market or just by socializing with people in the community, you may find yourself landing a job if you know people who work in the industry already, you might hear of job. Who knows, the people you socialize within the community might even recommend you for the positions.

  • Choose a programming language

Programming languages to choose typically depend on the game engine you choose to work with. For instance; For the Unreal Engine and CryEngine, you will need C++. Unity requires you to know C#.

Although C++ is harder to learn compared to C#, it may be a great idea starting with C#, playing around with Unity to learn the basics to learn how game development works in less hard environments.

However, having learned C# and knowing game development in its entirety form, you will be tasked to learn more standard programming languages in game development.

  • Set small objectives 

Often, people overestimate their capabilities and motivation when setting up goals they would like to achieve. Don’t make this mistake while on your journey to become a game developer. Setting realistic objectives is key to remaining motivated.

  • Learn and master different coding techniques

People often wait for circumstances to be right, ending up usually doing it. Analyze great games, become active in the gaming community and try to find people who are learning to be game programmers just like you.

While programming a game, one may encounter concepts that seem useless, never ignore them as every function in all game engines have a purpose

Never expect to learn to be a game developer quickly if it were easy to develop a game, everyone would be doing it. Putting in years of work and commitment is the key to becoming a great game developer.

  • Find a team

Being a team sport, developing a game usually require different people with different skills, for instance, one may require an illustrator, animator, composer, VFX master, writer and a true gamer of the current century, thus, one can never develop a game on their own by simply learning how to become game developers, Instead, one can simply use connections in the community to help them out.

  • Never give up

Lastly, it is good to note that one might face numerous rejections on their way to becoming game developers but never let them get you down. After all, one can never win unless they play with passion and are committed to their work.

Your first game may probably suck; the first job you apply to you may never get unless you prepare well enough for it.

How does one become a great game developer? Simple, analyze, network, learn and never give up.


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