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by Liz Seyi Digital marketing manager

We’re sure that when you saw the title of this article, certain associations probably came to your mind. There’s a good chance that you were reminded of many occasions in the past when you have felt your physique wasn’t “good enough”, or when you have pondered how your friend who previously rarely went to the gym could have achieved their “ripped” results so quickly.

Certainly, the task of getting fit – and staying fit – isn’t just about having the necessary free time and determination, or even about equipping yourself with suitable items from our online store at Hybryd, such as our highly regarded men’s hooded tops or specialist fitness training joggers for women

Yes, we’re referring to the mental side of working out, and in particular, swerving clear of those comparisons with others… unless, of course, you gain something productive and positive from such comparisons. So, let’s take you through some handy tips on exactly that subject. 

Remember that it’s not always a bad thing to compare 

It might seem that we’re turning the subject of this article on its head by saying this, but really, it’s important to acknowledge that something positive can come out of comparing yourself to other people, other than that all-too-familiar feeling of inadequacy. 

By that, we mean comparing your lifestyle to that of someone else who is in great shape could well be useful for tweaking or even overhauling your own approach. 

Whether that person tells you such details as how often they go to the gym, and how exactly they train, or you politely ask them about these things yourself, you could learn some useful things from people who are presently achieving the results you want for your own body. 

Bear in mind that different bodies react differently to the same activities 

We feel it important to follow up the above point by emphasising that even if you do pick up some great pointers from that guy in the gym with the spellbinding physique, you can never guarantee that you will achieve the same results as him if you copy his approach. 

After all, we probably all have “that annoying friend” who might barely seem to work out, but who seems to find it super easy to lose weight or tone up when they do commit to exercise. 

That person might have a metabolism that lets them snap into a certain level of fitness relatively quickly, instead of it being any reflection on your own level of determination and diligence. So, always be sure to bear that in mind, and to not be overly harsh on yourself. 

Focus on actions rather than outcomes 

If you’re constantly thinking you would like to look like that aforementioned super-fit friend of yours, or to be a certain dress size, well… you might very easily slip into ‘comparison mode’ with others. Plus, where’s the guarantee that you will ever actually achieve that dream outcome? It’s no wonder so many people become demoralised even after initially being enthusiastic about a new ‘fitness kick’. 

So, try this mental adjustment. You might, for instance, wish to lose weight. But instead of focusing all the time on losing three or four stone by a certain date, why not set your goals to be outcomes that you can control, such as exercising for 30 minutes three days a week, or eating lean protein at every meal? 

If you carry out the above actions consistently, you will be taking the right steps to help you achieve your longer-term weight-loss goal, while avoiding feeling like a prisoner of whatever the scales say each morning. 

Hopefully, the above will have given you some inspiration on how you can sidestep the less healthy comparisons with others that you might otherwise be tempted to make when attempting to enhance your fitness. 

And with our own store featuring the best in men’s shorts, fitness training joggers for women, and so many more well-made and great-value workout clothes, you don’t necessarily need to spend that much money to put yourself in an even stronger position to succeed. 

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