How to Attract Contingent Workers?

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Over the years, contingent workers have become an essential asset to an organization. What does a company need? Firms all around the globe require candidates with a robust skillset. Plenty of companies fail to find the right talent and tend to onboard the flexible talent on several grounds. But when it comes to deliverables, they are not so satisfied. So, how can one get the best talents with those particular skills? Well, you can find the best labors via Contingent Workforce Management Solutions, which has inbuilt talent pools that categorizes all candidates based on different keywords.

Competition between organizations wasn’t just enough that talents have come to compete too. No matter what kind of industry you are based out of, you deserve the best. Brands have started trying out different ways to prove themselves as unique and better. Some firms have a small core team and an entire contingent workforce to handle the other things. This has opened opportunities for candidates to showcase their talent and land a spot for being frequently contacted.

Companies use their brand as leverage to attract contingent workers. But they also have to keep up with their marketing and advertisement ideas as they are in tough competition with rival businesses.


COVID-19 has forced organizations to realign their workforce and mold them for the better. This has included the hiring of workers from failing companies, providing new job roles, and alternative work. Companies are optimizing the way they attract and acquire talent, and as a result, there has been an increase in the use of contingent labor. 

Temporary roles went up to twenty-two percent in 2021, according to a report. This year it should be reaching twenty-four percent and could go up to around twenty-nine percent by the year 2030, according to the reports by Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA). If you use a Contingent Talent Management Program, you can quickly increase these statistics in no time and deliver the best projects, leaving your competitors stunned.

Ironically, identifying and acquiring the right talents is the biggest challenge, especially for industries or businesses that require contingent labor. Contingent workers have made their way through all these years and have proved that they are highly effective and can improve costs. These talents have become an integral part of all kinds of businesses, and everyone can benefit from them.


With the development in the way how people prefer to work and their modes of operation, attracting a specific type of candidate has become challenging. But here are five secret ways to pass the obstacles and manage to hire your desired candidate.


It is crucial to find the right candidate for your business, but a candidate should feel the same way about the organization too. In order to get into a decent company, a candidate goes through the hidden efforts of developing their skills. The primary purpose of doing so is to gain more in life and grow in their careers. Upskilling and reskilling are arduous when it comes to your existing labors, which is why contingent workforce are preferred for the outside job.


Workers around the globe prefer a work-life balance, and I am sure that many choose a hybrid work schedule. This was also proved in a 2021 talent trend survey. One falls into the contingent category to support their kind of extra in life. This could mean anything from giving the family more time or pursuing higher education to working multiple jobs for the additional benefits. Remote workers give importance to every aspect of their lives by following the flexibility foundation.


When you get on board with a company as a full-time employee, you get an extended benefit of health and wellness, whereas contingent workers do not get this when they are hired for their project-based work. Several working adults claim that this wellness program is essential in their life, no matter what kind of industry they are enrolled in. Offering time for self-care, health, and wellness to contingent laborers can differentiate you from your rivals.


Contingent laborers are just like your full-time employees - they have spouses, parents, children, and caregivers or are caretakers. Around fifty-nine percent of people believe in prioritizing their family. If an organization provides flexibility in the workplace, like adjustments at work (allowing one to attend phone calls, take half-hour breaks, or not needing to stay put on their seats for four to eight hours straight), it could attract contingent labor.


Who doesn’t like to work in an amiable work atmosphere? Having a great vibe at the workplace is definitely a motivator and could attract plenty of laborers. Job security is one thing, but a cordial environment at work just satisfies workers at a whole new level. Advertising a fun and refreshing work culture brings in many contingent workers. Transformation starts with flexibility and openness. 


The answer is personal benefits. A permanent employee is constrained to a few luxuries that a contingent worker has. Many people assume that contingent work equals to the end of the journey for permanent workers. But that is not how it is. 

Freelancers and remote workers have their own kind of benefits. They work just as hard as a permanent employee would, maybe a bit harder. They divide their work hours into smaller bits and could work throughout the week. The best part is that their work is not stagnant or repetitive because they work on different projects.

There are various reasons to choose between being a gig worker or a full-time employee. It all depends on what a labor wants and how their goals align with the job. At the end of the day, everyone wants to be appreciated. Nonetheless, it is vital to manage your employees, record their experience, engage with your team members, and provide timely payslips. This is easier if you integrate with a Contingent Talent Management Program.

The function of an HR is not limited to hiring and recruiting laborers for work; rather, it includes understanding the atmosphere and upgrading the workplace for the better. The creation of a long-term plan attracts a global pool of skilled laborers. Investment in the strategies as mentioned earlier would keep you ahead of your competitors. Your company would also receive abundant positive reviews and could attract more and more labor. Contingent Workforce Management Solutions can make your work easy. How? You get to manage all kinds of labor in one place. And the best part is that this is all cloud-based and secured by a passcode you and your stakeholder have access to.

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