How to Applying Indian Citizen for a UK Permanent Residence Card

by Michael Brown Law marketing specialist
Are you planning to move or shift to UK ?

Do you feel that life in the UK is quite mesmerizing, so you wish to settle your business there?

Have you just cleared your higher studies and further planning to move to the UK for further studies and finally dreaming of settling there?

This article will be the answer to all your queries.

It’s really fantastic to move to the UK and be a part of their integrated culture and witness their rich history. From enjoying their pub culture to make a try to embed yourself in their fast techie world. There is no doubt people love to settle there and make their bond stronger with these foreign people.

Before planning and thinking about your plans in the UK, it is really important for you to be well aware of all the nuances of becoming a UK resident.

After holding a UK permanent residence card, you get a chance to prevail in lots of opportunities such as NHS (National Health Service). You get entitled to health services completely free of cost. In case of sickness and injury, you and your family get entitled to this free health services. The most important, you get enrolment to exercise your voting rights in the parliamentary appointments. Hence, you get a chance to change the future of the UK.  You can easily avail free or unrestricted travel between England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland as you get the authority to hold UK Passports.

There are certain criteria’s which needs to be fulfilled as per the Immigration services in UK  for the attainment of permanent citizenship of UK:

  • You are automatically eligible for a permanent citizenship in UK, if your residing their for  at least 5 years or are residing with an EEA family or any of your extended family. EEA stands for the European Economic Area.
  • You can easily apply for a UK permanent residence card  if the EEA family member or any of the member of your extended family are termed as ‘qualified person’ . A qualified person is one who is a citizen of an EEA country or is currently working , self-employed, studying or is looking for employment.

Apart from the fulfillment of the above-stated grounds, the Immigration services in UK considers that you can be eligible for permanent residence card in UK if there is no serious criminal record on your name, you possess a good knowledge of English and you met all the requirements during the application process including the ‘Life in the UK’ test.

Children who are below the age of 18 need not go through the ‘Life in the UK’ test.
Lastly, you should not be found breaking any of the Immigration laws in UK.

Application for the UK permanent residence card can be done in the below given three ways:

  • You can hire an agent or a representative from a private company who will guide you for the procedure of the application.
  • The NCS (National Checking Service) which is run by the local council can also be used for a smooth application for permanent residence in UK.
  • You can individually complete a form ‘AN- APPLICATION FOR NATURALIZATION AS A BRITISH CITIZEN’. For the completion of the same, you need to through the guidance notes and the requirement booklet.
  • Application for UK Permanent residence card can be submitted to your local UK Consulate along with all the necessary documents mentioned below.

There is a misconception that if you marry a UK citizen, you get permanent residency in UK. The United kingdom Immigration Services says that marrying a UK Citizen will not fulfil your dreams as you would still need to complete all the documentation and apply as the spouse of a British citizen. In case, your spouse works for the UK government or an organization that is closely aligned to the government still, the spouse must have lived in UK for at least three consecutive years prior to the date of application.

While applying for a UK Permanent residence card, the following are required for documentation :

  • Your current and valid passport.
  • 2 colored passport size photograph.
  • 1 colored passport size photograph of your EEA family member.
  • Current and valid passport of your EEA family member.
  • A birth certificate, any documented paper which proves that you have been living together for at least past 2 years, marriage certificate.
  • Document as per your qualifying criteria for your EEA Family.
  • A nominal fee which solely depends on your type of application process and to carry out your identification process and biometric information. Visa application fees can be even paid online.

There are many consultancy service providers who tirelessly work and would love to help you in the completion of the immigration challenges and making you entire immigration work easy and smooth.

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