How to Analyze MLM Matrix Plan and how does it Work?

by James Wan Best MLM Software Company - Awapal Solutions

Multi Level Marketing or MLM is divided in two parts binary and level and rest plan that we hear are provided through their working style and the modification that is made to the plan. Network marketing industry is vast and every plan is almost similar to each other and the major differences can be made only through their structure. A fresher of MLM needs to understand the core plan of MLM to continue their work.

As said earlier the plan is divided in two core parts i.e. binary and level/matrix. The level is even termed as MLM Matrix Plan; it is one of the oldest and the most established compensation plan in network marketing industry. The unilevel plan is the one of the most reward MLM plan that helps you in achieving your earning goals. MLM Unilevel / Matrix plan is the prime choice of any new MLM business.

How Does This Plan Work?

The plan uses only one commission type i.e. the level commission. With the help of this plan you can infinite width in your downline. The depth of the level differs from company to company. The best way to understand this plan is with a help of an example, suppose your are recruited by A member, it means that you will certainly you will in its downline and you might even observe that there are various other member in the downline of A stating A1, A2,A3, A4 etc and you fall somewhere in A7. Hence the previous members must have certainly worked on their downline. The A member will explain you the working procedure and the commission that you will make after joining the plan. One of the best facts of the plan is that there is no fixed width and there are various bonus plans that you will enjoy. Some of them are listed below.

  • Sponsor Bonus: If you sponsor a member directly you will earn certain percentage of commission.

  • Fast Bonus: By the term it’s clear that if you succeed in reaching a target in an allotted time who can avail this bonus.

  • Performances Bonus: Based on your performances, you will be introduced with some additional bonus.

These few bonuses that might seem interesting, but it is difficult to manage manually. To manage it smoothly there is a requirement of matrix plan software. The software is the robust tool that reduces the manual work and human error. It even speeds up your works.

The second core is the binary and by its name it has two legs i.e. left and right. The members of binary plan have to make two members or child in their downline. This plan has limited depth and level can exceed till unlimited. Till certain level it is easy to manage the work without software. Eventually when we have to calculate compensation it becomes difficult and complex. To reduce this complexity there is need for online binary plan software. This software will help in completing your work online and even reduce the complex nature of the commission.

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