How to Add Layers and Layers of Colors With a Makeup Brush Set of 5

by Ashton T. Writer
The problem with a lot of makeup routines, after you do them day in and day out for hundreds of days, even years, is that the varieties start to get old. The worst feeling when you’re putting on makeup is feeling that you are bored with how you look. To add on to the last point, it also feels terrible when you wear out all of your favorite products, and start to get tired of the same cosmetics that once brought you joy and fun. In order to avoid the sense of regret that builds up when you do the same old routine for months, you should try some flirty, fun and new colors when you highlight your face. You can add to your makeup routine with a 5 piece makeup brush set which, with varying thicknesses, add highlights and accents around the contours of your face and cheeks.

If you want to improve upon your routine and add even more health-focused products into your repertoire, you can also opt for a skincare infused moisturizer, concealer or even foundation. With a makeup brush set of 5, you can blend these products into your skin lovingly with different strokes depending on the thickness of the brush and your desired outcome. You can blend one color on top of another, or you can lightly color in the areas of your face you wish to highlight with minimal product use. Your ultimate goal in your makeup routine is to feel good about the end result, the end product. And if you can achieve your goal while also being environmentally and social-issue conscious, such as by buying responsibly-sourced products like veil cosmetics cruelty free brushes, you can set yourself up for even more self-esteem.

How to Make the Most of Each of Your 5 Piece Makeup Brush Set

The thing you want to do when you get your fun, vibrant colors on an eyeshadow palette or lip kit, is to frame the rest of your face ideally to match the color you wish to add. If you want to go for more of a cat eye, you may want to reduce the flush on your cheeks so the eye really stands out. If you are going for a more nude look, you may want to add undertones of non-nude colors, like purple, pink or orange, to your eyes. By pairing a nude color with subtle hints of other colors, you can evoke a sense of flush, or a sense of underlying cold tone, to compliment your natural skin color. Both skincare infused makeup products and a makeup brush set of 5 can be your best friends in your endeavors.

With the thicker brushes in your collection, you can focus on filling in the broad strokes of foundation and color around your face. If you have a strong base over your primer, you can feel confident about the final layers you add to your face. With the medium thickness or thinner brushes, you can create sharp contours around your cheeks and brows, to subtly frame the whole thing. Finally, with your thinnest brush, you can add the sexy color pops onto your face using well-sourced products like veil cosmetics cruelty free products.

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