How Technology Has Made Your Travelling Much Easier Than Ever Before

by Nick Martin Travel Expert from Australia

Getting around has been a challenge since the dawn of civilisation. The pair of legs, which we used for ambulation, was the only means for movement. Supposedly, there were not much of a “travel” in those days, but once the mankind invented the wheel, the concepts of travelling or transportation did not take too long to arrive. The wheel was the biggest disruptor in human civilisation—the biggest of technology available then.

Technology is, like in every other field, still at the heart of progress—the transportation industry is no different. We hardly give a thought about it when whip out our phones to book cab online in Melbourne, for example, or hit the internet to book taxi to airport.

Technology has always been a disruptor as well as an enabler. The buzzword-sounding “gig economy” is a case in point. Technology has facilitated it, enabled it, and nurtured it. In fact, technology is the brain behind—you remove it, everything crumbles like a palace made out of a pack of playing cards.

The gig economy is a great disruptor in the transportation scene too—a bane or boon, however, is a matter of debate, which is not the point of this article. This new economy has given birth to start-ups like Uber that challenged the hegemony of traditional taxi services that actually refused to go along the tide. The sudden onslaught—albeit boosted by billions of dollars of investor money—was too powerful for them to bear. Many wrapped up their operations; many jumped ship, but probably they had it coming—for two reasons: the internet and mobile phone.

Pundits were in agreement about the kind of force the internet, and later the smartphone, were to become. But hardly very few could imagine the unescapable power of the two technologies were to produce when combined. Uber is a global force now—thanks to the marriage of these two technologies that have now become such a ubiquity that we hardly realise their presence.

So, now you just tap away on your phone to book taxi to airport, or you can book cab online in Melbourne sitting in Singapore or London. The days long gone when you need to feverishly flip through yellow pages to find the local taxi service’s number. Your ride is comfortable and convenient and much safer too—because you get all details about the service and the driver online; you read testimonials and reviews and know whom to trust—all thanks to the great enabler: technology.

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