How surrogacy can change your life?

by Matrika Medicare Subsidiary of Fertility Care India

Infertility is the condition wherein the woman is unable to conceive due to different reasons.  Around 40% of the cases are the result of male infertility; another 40% is because of female infertility while the rest 20% can be due to both the reasons. Sometimes the root cause of the infertility is left unexplained as despite of the tests and diagnosis it is tough to understand the reasons. Diagnosis is definitely an essential part of the process but still there are several cases where the infertility reason cannot be tracked. In such cases surrogacy is definitely a brilliant choice.


Now you might be thinking as how surrogacy is possible when the couple is facing infertility. Surrogacy is the process in which the surrogate will carry your baby for nine months, deliver and give it to you. In case of infertility, either of the couple might be facing a problem or in rare conditions both of them. So what the couple can do is that they can use their eggs or sperms whichever is healthy and look for the donors. Both the egg and sperm donors are easily available and they are willingly ready to help you. When the donors are ready, the sperm and eggs are allowed to fuse in the lab and then transplanted into the uterus of the surrogate.


So even in the situations when there is no solution, surrogacy can prove to be a superb choice. It helps the couples to embrace parenthood and that too legally.


Matrika Medicare – the best surrogacy treatment centre

Surrogacy is quite a simple procedure but still you need to connect with the best surrogacy treatment centre whose services are good and worth going for. Matrika Medicare is surely that one name you can be assured of as it offers surrogacy services, IVF treatments, helps the couple to find egg and sperm donors etc. So there is nothing to worry about as many services can be availed thus providing you a lot of relief. There is no doubt that Matrika Medicare has helped many couples with surrogacy and its reviews are really nice, positive and encouraging for the others.


How is surrogacy useful?

There are a lot of couples who often ask why surrogacy is the best process for the couples. Here are the reasons.

·         It is meant to cure the issues of infertility which are unexplained or have no treatment available.

·         You can go for gestational surrogacy in which the baby has no connection with the surrogate. Egg or sperm donors can be used in the process by the intended parents.

·         Surrogacy has become legal in India too so one can move ahead with the process without having any doubt in their mind.

·         It is one of the effective ways to get a baby when other treatments like IVF too have failed.

·         Many times the woman is not healthy enough to keep the baby for nine months. In this case they can take the advantage of surrogacy which comes with endless benefits to the couples.


In short surrogacy is great and couples can definitely give it a try.

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