How Strata Consultant Help Landlord Discharge Its Duties

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Most of us come across the term "body corporate" when it is our first time investing in a property, purchase own place or else buying a new apartment. Well, body corporate is a professional organisation managing all the property aspects. Hence, what makes a good body corporate is something we should know about. 

Today’s discussion is solely dedicated to the six fundamental components defining a fair and responsible landlord, including keeping in touch with a reputed strata consultant. Read till the end to be clear about the responsibilities the landlords must fulfil. 

1. Address the Property Damages and Repair Them Just On Time. 
Keeping the property well-maintained and free from damage is the prime responsibility of the body corporate. Just when an old apartment succumbs to natural wear and tear, discolouration of the interior and cracks in wooden tiles – all these issues are solely to be solved by the landlords appropriately and on time. 

2. Keeping all the Common Areas Well Maintained, Without Fail!
Maintaining safety and cleanliness in the common areas is the chief duty of the corporate body or landlord. Rather, it is a legal requirement, which is mentioned in the landlord–tenant law. Safe area pertains to no tripping hazards, no slips and no untidiness of the realm. At the same time, the common areas should have sufficient and proper lighting with access to facilities like safe stairs and railings. 

The common areas must be habitable and completely mess–free. In case, it is proven a specific tenant is the sole cause of consistent rubbish, then the landlord has to send him a warning. But if the same persists, then the landlord holds the right to send the vacating notice and evict the tenant. 

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3. Landlord Has To Work With Reputed Strata Consultants For Legalised Strata Management.
A responsible property owner has to ensure clear and legal strata management. For this purpose, he/she should be in touch with a reputed strata consultant. A building stands out when the body's corporate management jas ensured adequately maintained buildings. 

Under the guidance of strata consultants, the landlord should fulfil the administrative tasks. Strata Consultants even help to solve financial and social issues. Then, the buyers can be sure of the property owner being capable and competent. 

4. Ensure Consistent Running of the Property’s Electrical Aspects.
The landlord makes up the body of corporate management –  so, has to maintain the flawless functionality of essentials. Electronic and plumbing issues are to be immediately fixed. In fact, the body corporate is responsible for supplying space for proper functional usage to the tenants, which includes – 

  • Electricity
  • Gas 
  • Plumbing
  • Basic Appliances 
  • Heating

While the landlord is responsible for maintaining the proper working order of these utilities, they are not totally responsible for supplying these initially to the tenants. 
5. Making Sure the Tenants Have A Secure Home.
To justify your property investment, the body corporate has a large role to decide whether the property should be chosen or not. Again here, with the help of strata consultants, the body's corporate management has to create a seamless living environment for tenants. Along with the flawlessly maintained common areas and everything running smoothly and continuously, the body corporate even has to follow the strata consultant's instructions for using the fees properly. 

From the body corporate manager, the tenants need the correct locks and keys in good working order for each door. Security and safety of the home are just unbeatable. Property managers have to be disciplined to enter the premises with prior information, as is stated in the legislation. Body corporate has to comply with the laws for ensuring there is peace and order within the property. 
6. Fair Tenant Selection
While a landlord reserves the right to select whomever he/she wants as a tenant in the building, he/she is liable under the regulations. No tenants can be ever turned down based on the factors considered a breach of the Equal Opportunity Act. Tenants should never be judged because of their race, gender, disability, marital status and mental illness. Well, there is more to the list. Here is where tenants should take help from the Strata consultants – knowing this, the tenants are at their peace of mind.

While the landlords and body corporate are multi-faceted subjects, each holding different components. So, when the strata processes are concerned, then the body corporate manager is entitled to be fair and committed to maintaining harmony in the residence, taking care of the whole unit at the same time. That is why, from time to time, they are to consult the strata consultants to be professional and fulfilling in their duties. 

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