How social media has changed traditional marketing?

by Devid Henary Digital Marketing Solutions

With advancement of media and technology marketing has become an essential part of our daily routine. We are so used to it that we are unconscious about the sub-conscious effect that it has on us.

Marketing in simple terms refers to the promotional techniques used by companies to promote the buying and selling of their goods and services. Marketing includes all the actions by company to gain customers, be it going to a golf game with them, having lunch or meals with them, talking to them, advertising etc.

Without marketing our corporate, industrial, and service sectors would be shredded to pieces. Since approximately half a century traditional media like- printing, television, radio, billboards etc. have been an essential part of our culture and growth. Therefore they were used by companies to promote their products.

As technology changed so did media and with passing time we had a new platform, a new media, i.e. social media. From print to broadcast and now digital, marketing has changed a lot.

Social media and marketing

social media marketing has been in many ways beneficial to even the smallest producer in ways like:

1)      Low cost: marketing in social media is quit affordable unlike other sources of marketing. How?

Well few lines in face book, twitter, and instagram can make you trendy, and take your business to different levels. What do those line cost? Just few minutes of your life.

2)      Reach: if we look around, we find that even the families who come under the “least income group” are present in social media. So if a company advertise there it can reach a huge number of the population just not in his state or country (like reach of traditional media and marketing techniques) but all over the world.

3)      Data and information: social media marketing has a great benefit and that is that the companies can gather first hand data’s and information’s about which audience to target, which ads are not working, their popularity among customers, and so on. This helps then to hone their marketing skills and perform better.

4)      Real time results: as a platform connecting people all over the world social media can provide results within real time, i.e. unlike traditional media we do not need to wait for long.

5)      Video and live-services: this gives a personal touch, due to which the customer feels more satisfied and connected with the company.

6)      Others: better customer services, paid advertising, access, easy analysis, quick publicity, brand development, greater exposure, more customers etc.

In short, social media covers up many pitfall of traditional marketing system. Such as:

1)      Little or no interaction with the customer.

2)      Higher cost of playing advertisement on TV’s or getting them printed.

3)      Limited customizations option.

4)      Its reach among citizens.

5)      Fewer amounts of data’s and information’s collected. Etc

With change in time, people change, our society, culture, way of life they change. We had had a shift in media and there working. I won’t say that traditional media and marketing is not beneficial. It was once very beneficial, when? In that period when it was the generation of traditional media and they were the most effective tools of communication, but today for an effective change we are shifting to a more effective and new mode of traditional media. Social media marketing is nothing but a new generation of media just like us. And with change in media our marketing strategies our way of life everything is changing and we must embrace it.

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