How Sewer Line Damage Repair and Sewer Line replacement are different?

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Toronto Plumbers mention that “customers more often confuse between two plumbing services: Sewer Line damage repair and Sewer line replacement.” Indeed, the two services sound similar and concern the same plumbing issue.

However, Plumbing Contractor Mississauga explains the difference. Sewer Line damage repair is a plumbing service where Toronto plumbers only fix the damage akin to holes, pipe leaks, cleaning sewer lines and more. On the other hand, sewer line replacement is a service where a complete underground sewer line is replaced because of severe damage. Let’s dig in deep—

Less expensive and more expensive service

Sewer Line Damage could be because of clogged pipes. Sewer pipes get clogged when hair, grease, toiletries, oil and other non-disposable contents are drained down the toilet. Thus, sewer line damage repair is required. In comparison to complete sewer line replacement, sewer line damage is a less expensive service. Toronto plumbers’ state “customers stick to sewer line damage repair services because they have to pay less for it.” However, sewer line replacement is an investment to the plumbing system which runs for the long-term.

Number of Mississauga Plumbing Contractors

When it comes to simple sewer line damage repair, one or two plumbers are enough. However, sewer line replacement involves the entire replacement of previous sewer lines to the new one. It demands more plumbers in number. As mentioned earlier, sewer line replacement is an expensive service. And the number of contractors required is one of the reasons why it is expensive!

Damage repairable and non-repairable

Once the existing sewer line system is entirely depreciated, the sewer line system works under two conditions: it is repairable and non-repairable. It is noteworthy to mention that it is not the customer’s call to inspect whether the sewer line damage is repairable or not. Toronto plumbers inspect the complete sewer line system through video camera inspect and come up with the final report. If it is repairable, sewer line damage experts are needful. Otherwise, independent Mississauga plumbing contractors are the best to do the replacement job.

Difference in symptoms

For sewer line replacement, symptoms are infested root, entirely decomposed underground pipelines, and back-pitched pipes. In contrast, the common symptoms of sewer line damage are sewage backups, a clogged toilet, blocked drains, sewer odor, wall cracks, pesticides, and comparatively large-sized rodents in the house.

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