How Safe are Custom Wood Bunk Beds for Adults

by William Dawson Writer

What is in your furniture? The inside air quality of your home can be significantly worse than the outside air quality. And this is a good reason to make some healthy changes and change your bedroom furniture for the good and opt for a non-toxic custom wood bunk bed. Air quality can be compromised with the use of materials like particle wood, glues, stain-proofing compounds, flame retardants, and whatnot.

Most of the mass-produced furniture is commonly made of pressed wood, in form of particle board or plywood. It turns out that these can be harmful with daily exposure. Because the particulates can leach from the furniture, stick on our skin, or float in the air and as we tend to breathe the fumes or ingest the particles, or our skin might absorb it which can give us headaches, nausea, and serious respiratory problems in the long run.

While it may be nearly impossible for homeowners to swap all their furniture with a natural wood one, there is a significant way to reduce the exposure for adults just by switching to custom wood bunk beds.

Custom-Made Bunk Beds are Safe and Sturdy for Adults!

Wood bunk beds never go out of style and as a good rule of thumb, you must stick to natural materials when buying new furniture or decor. Most often the woods are glued together which is not the safest option. A healthy alternative, whether choosing bunk beds for kids or adults, these made of solid wood are either used untreated or finished with natural stains or paints in place of toxic coatings.

Besides that, one of the biggest concerns for people buying bunk beds is safety. If you are an adult and want to equip more than one person in each bed, then you may especially be concerned about the sturdiness of your bunk bed. Note that, not all bunk beds are created equal and constructed well enough that it holds the weight and lasts you a lifetime. If you are searching for a high-quality bunk bed here are a few things to consider while going for a custom bed:

Consider the Size

To maintain safety, measuring and getting the right size is of utmost importance to ensure that your durable bunk bed will give you enough room to sleep comfortably. While designing a custom bunk, you just need to fill a form stating all the necessary details like whether you want to opt for a queen or king bunk. Not only does the size of the bed offer more comfort, but it also allows more than one adult to share a bunk, making it ideal for small homes.

Construction Matters

While most people opt for metal bunk beds, the best ones are constructed with heavy-duty wooden material. Quality constructed beds are what sets custom beds apart combined with simplicity and durability. The key inspects points to consider in the bed frame is that it should be stable and secure.

Opt for Top-Notch Safety Accessories like Guardrails and Ladder

When it comes to adult bunk beds, the safety for a lot of people depends upon how they customize the accessories- it is all about choosing the ladder-type, side rails, adding storage drawers and mattresses. With mass-produced bunk beds, you have to purchase the items as is, that is these don't come with extra safety rails on each side. To ensure safety while climbing in and out, a durable ladder or staircase on the side of the bed is essential. Plus, it should be easily accessible as well as sturdy enough to bear the weight.

However, along with all the considerations for it to last long, it is important to maintain the wooden furniture. To keep it looking its best, you will likely have to tackle cleaning and maintenance tasks now and then. While depending on the wood there are varying opinions to care for it but few steps go as basics, like dusting, painting, and regularly staining, using a simple cloth to clean it.

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