How QuickBooks POS hosting is helping small businesses to get a more organized database?

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There are many different roles involved in the running of your business. On any one day you may have to act as a salesperson and as an accountant simultaneously, depending on what tasks need completing. QuickBooks POS can help you do this. With QuickBooks POS hosting services it's possible to jump back and forth between various jobs without feeling incredibly stressed, unlike a situation where you'd need to abandon an important job half way through to attend something urgent!

QuickBooks POS hosting is specifically designed for small business operations because it offers numerous advantages when it comes to client satisfaction and employee performance. The software keeps business departments organized and helps in tracking sales, inventory counts and customer information. Additionally, when the software is hosted on the cloud makes it available on a variety of platforms.

Not only that but, QuickBooks POS Cloud hosting is also a reliable solution that’s ideal for small retailers. The flexible and secure nature of cloud hosting makes it easy to use apps that facilitate secure storage, making possible accessing QuickBooks POS data remotely without compromising the reliability of the data.

Basically, with QuickBooks POS secure hosting, locally hosted registers are moved to the cloud, eliminating the hardware needed to maintain a server. This allows you to store your data in the cloud and ultimately accessing QuickBooks POS information remotely while working from anywhere and never having to worry about losing access to important data.

These are not the only pros associated with QuickBooks POS on cloud, there are more to it. Here are the rest of the factors that makes it favorite for accounting firms and help accounting companies to have a much more organized & centralized system. 

Centralized database

Many retailers have turned to QuickBooks POS hosting because it provides everything they need in a virtual environment. With one centralized database, multiple stores can run the same software if they didn't already before opting for Cloud Service subscription plans. It has many advantages, including increased customer satisfaction, because handling orders are now easier without any delays or worries of having connectivity issues. 

Increased collaboration among team

QuickBooks Point-of-Sale hosting makes it easy to work on the data and reports that your bookkeeper, accountant or outsourced staff member might need. Because the data is always online and in real time, you can view the information they need at any time - even if they’re hundreds of miles away! And because you can easily view who is working on what and their progress on tasks and projects, you'll always be able to make decisions together quickly, efficiently and effectively. This results in a higher level of productivity for both parties involved, which means more growth for your business!

Overall Cost Reductions

QuickBooks POS cloud hosting helps in improving the performance of your business along with improvements in productivity and cost reduction. The cloud enables implementation of complex systems without any upfront investment or software setup which usually otherwise would require weeks/months dedicated to putting a system together which can be an extremely expensive. But since QuickBooks POS cloud providers have automated maintenance capabilities, companies' costs can greatly reduce by outsourcing technical support for their business applications.

Managed Servers 

When a company hosts their QuickBooks POS on the cloud they are able to focus more on their own business rather than the technology required supporting it. This means that the companies do not have to invest in large or heavy hardware systems like hard drives. In addition, there is considerable cost savings with hosting because the customer does not need to provide physical space for these storage devices as well as pay for their upkeep and repair. The servers are completely managed by the server maintenance team; all you have to do is focus on your growing business while cloud providers take care of your server needs. 

Improved security for your QB POS data

On occasion, even your best efforts won’t always be sufficient. This is true for cyber security, for that reason, you will want to make sure your QuickBooks Point of Sale provider incorporates some of the highest-rated data protocols and practices that maintain the integrity of your accounting data and files so they don’t get corrupted in any way. It is worth noting that most QuickBooks providers are conscious about safeguarding businesses, they provide enterprise grade security tools to ensure the safety & security of your QB POS data on their cloud servers, as they understand how critical it is for you. 


With Hosted QuickBooks Point of Sale, you can embrace the benefits of QuickBooks as a brand to establish a foothold in the market. The solution allows you to easily track payments and clients across multiple transactions. Start searching for a valuable QuickBooks POS hosting service provider if you are ready to set a new standard for inventory management, client satisfaction and approval procedures at your business!!

As a leading QuickBooks POS cloud hosting provider, Quick Cloud Hosting is committed to helping you succeed. Our partnership is one built on reliability and customer satisfaction, and that's why so many of our QuickBooks Point of Sale users are hosted with us. Want to benefit from the same level of customer service, proven reliability, and secure hosting as our other customers? Call 801-326-4926 right now to learn more about which solution is right for you!

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