How Possum Control Sydney Work On Removing Possums?

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Several countries in this world face the problems caused by the pests, but one country that has been struggling a lot with them in Australia and the reason is the too much presence of these creatures. Yes, in this country, they are just too many and it is not that the country is struggling in tackling with them, but yes, the challenge is very hard. There are different kinds of pests present and one of the most annoying for homeowners is the possums. The biggest problem with this pest is that they are protected species in this country and hence, they can’t be killed. This point forces people to avail possum control Sydney services from reputed possum busters companies. 

These companies have totally different and very safe strategies to tackle these pests and here in this post, we will have a look at some of those used by them.

How to Remove Possums Humanly?

Roof Voids and Cavities

    • Right in the beginning of the process, the experts from possum control Sydney companies perform an inspection to trace their presence as well as their entry/exit points.
    • Once they have been detected, their second step is to block them entirely to make sure that no new entrant is given access to the inside of the home or facility.
    • The result of this is that they are forced to escape through the cavities found in the sealed roof or voids present there. 
    • With this, what happens is that they are forced to migrate away from that property to look for new habitats around that very property and this is what they generally do.
    • This is because experts who understand their behavior say that by remaining around the same property, they have better chances of their survival.

Chimneys and Fireplaces

    • If their access route goes through chimneys and fireplace, highly qualified possum busters will set a trap just outside these places and make it as confined as possible.

Working or Living area

    • In such areas, they make sure that these creatures are guided out of the building in a humane method and either trapped and left in a nearby forest area or given to local zoo authorities.

Dead Possums

    • If there is a carcass or cadaver present inside the property, these people will first locate and then, remove it.
    • Next up, they will clean the area, disinfect and deodorize it to make sure that no foul smell is prevailing in the home or property.
    • However, it may not be practicable to remove a possum cadaver when it is lying in an inaccessible position and for this, they will work on different strategies for removal.

Removing these pests becomes very important as well as urgent thing as a matter of fact that they can create a number of problems and some of them can be found listed here.

    • People complain about their nocturnal activities interrupting them. 
    • Often it is found that they are living or trapped in the fireplace, causing a nuisance to the homeowners.
    • It happens very often that they come down the chimney and they are not able to escape. 
    • This also happens that they die somewhere, usually in the roof cavity and become a threat to the dwellers, especially the kids.
    • They destroy crops like apples, bananas, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, broccoli, acacia species and especially eucalypts.
    • They’re messy as possums leave their feces or urine 
    • They can carry harmful diseases and various bacterial infections in addition to mites, ticks, and parasites. 

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