How Often Should You Schedule Your Professional Office Cleaning Services

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It is common for people to think that Office cleaning in Melbourne is a one-time thing, but this is not the case. The truth is that your office will need a professional cleaning service at least once or twice every month, depending on its size and how many people are working in it. So if you want to maintain a clean space for your employees and customers, then read on!

Do You Share Office Space With Other Companies?

Do you share space with other companies? If so, you'll need to clean more often. Your overall goal is to maintain a healthy environment for all of the employees who work in the office space. In addition to keeping your company's workspace neat and tidy, this means preventing mould growth on the walls and ceiling tiles, as well as keeping dust off of all surfaces.

Office cleaning in Melbourne

Remember: If there is one toilet per office worker, then that means every person needs their own sink! It also means that everyone will be able to wash their hands before eating lunch or making a snack at any time of day—even when they're out at an industry conference (and not just when they're at home). 

You may even want separate bathroom stalls for men vs women if possible; otherwise everyone can share them but make sure there are enough stalls available so no lines form outside while someone waits patiently inside!

Do You Have Visitors In The Office?

How often you need professional Carpet Stretching Melbourne services is also dependent on the amount of visitors that your office receives. If you have many visitors coming in and out of your offices, then it’s important to get a professional cleaning service every week or twice a week. This way, your employees will always have a clean workspace to work from.

If there are any special events coming up, such as an annual event at the office or even just an event that's happening monthly, then it might be worth getting a cleaner to come at least once per month to ensure that everything is spic-and-span for the event itself.

Similarly, if there are certain equipment that needs constant maintenance (such as IT equipment), then this should be done regularly by professionals so that it doesn't affect productivity as well as employee health and safety due to possible contamination from bacteria buildup in these areas.

What’s the Size of Office Space?

The amount of space you have will determine how often you need to clean. If your office has a large amount of floor space, then the cleaning needs to be done more frequently. This is especially true if you have high ceilings and lots of open space. 

The reason for this is that dust has a tendency to settle on surfaces in your workspace and create a film over time. To prevent this from happening, it’s important that the floors are swept regularly.

If your office has an open layout or multiple rooms within one larger area, then consider hiring an extra person with experience in deep cleaning services so they can help clean up after each shift ends.

How Many People Work in Your Office?

The first factor to consider when determining how often you need professional Office cleaning port Melbourne services is the number of people that work in your office. This includes employees, freelancers and interns. It also includes visitors who come into your office on a regular basis, such as clients or vendors.

The second thing to think about is how many people visit the different areas of your office. For example, if you have a lot of customers coming through the front door then it's likely that more dirt and dust will collect there than in an area where no one enters frequently (like an employee bathroom).


When it comes to finding out how often you should schedule your professional office cleaning services, there are a few factors that you should consider. The first is whether or not your office space is shared with other companies or individuals. Then there is the number of visitors who come in each week/month, as well as how many people work at this location full time (or part time).  

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