How Often Do Humidifier Pads Really Need to Be Changed?

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This question is quite common among people! The whole house humidifier requires a very little maintenance. If you want to make it run for a long span of time, then you need to maintain it regularly. In this post, we are going to shed light on the topic- How often do the humidifier pads need to be changed? Let’s dive in

What is a humidifier pad?

Also known as water panel, a humidifier pad is a means by which the air of your house picks up moisture to enhance in door humidity levels especially during summer. When the humidistat founds that humidity level in your house is low, water is applied to the humidifier pad and a part of the air in your home blown over it. The air of the home then picks up the moisture from the water panel and then distributed across your home.

How often you need to change Humidifier?

The role of the humidifier is to add moisture to the air of your home in order to make it more breathable. The humidifier contains coils as same as in air conditioners and are self-regulating units that need an electrical outlet for the power. For operations, the humidifiers also need water. Just like air conditioners, a humidifier prevails a filter that restricts the entrance of debris, mold and dust.

Replacement of Filter

You need to replace your Furnace filter once in every three months. If you use it every day, then you need to replace it in every 2 months. The filters are usually treated with a sort of coating that slows down the growth of the mold. If you fail to replace your humidifier, it can result in excessive debris and dust expelled into the air and the mold growth stays within the device.

Problem with Hard water

If you reside in an area of hard water, then you need to replace furnace filter every month. The reason is because of high mineral salt content present in water. The mineral deposits block the filter and create a white dust that affects the performance of the humidifier.

How to buy the right filter?

Buying right filter is not as easy as it seems. You need to take care of many aspects while buying furnace filters in Canada. To make it easier, find the name of the humidifier and model number before making a purchase. Look for more than one replacement filter. These are easily available in a hardware store or retail superstores. You can also purchase it direct from the manufacturers as well.

Wrapping the post

Remember, if you change humidifier often, it will provide the fresh air to your home. The main reason you need to change humidifier regularly is because the water applied to your humidifier pad comes from the water supply of your home directly. The tap water of your home contains a specific number of particles and hard minerals that will accumulate on the humidifier pad as the time passes, result in reducing its effectiveness. To avoid this condition, you should change your humidifier pad every year.

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