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Do you think a decade ago, anyone would have expected the advancements and technology upgrades that we get to see in today’s world? There has been an extraordinary pace of change in the last few years, and the transformation can be seen in each and every sphere of life. Right from empowering an entire digital generation with the ability to start billion-dollar companies overnight to adapting to the learning needs in the wake of a global pandemic, we have witnessed a sea of change in terms of innovations.

But what exactly has been fueling this change? Abstract thinking and creativity is the key here, and no wonder it has now become a prerequisite in the repertoire of necessary skills in our young brigade.

The fact is that the need for innovation has never been as much necessary before as it is now. And at Excelsior American School, positioned among the leading schools in Gurgaon, we believe that educators like us have a critical role to play in fostering and encouraging this creativity in the young minds.

The Forecast for Future: Creativity at the Crux of Innovation

Keeping the ever-rising demands of modern times in mind, it won’t be wrong to say that conventional rote learning will no longer have a place in the upcoming times. In fact, as per a paper published in the ‘Journal of Education and Educational Development,’ rote learning and academic performance are inversely related to each other.

Our next-generation needs far more interchangeable and abstract skills. After all, from fighting climate change to keeping up with the global revolution, the future generation will be facing some of the toughest obstacles ever. And in such a scenario, the lessons completed within the four walls of the classrooms through rote learning are not likely to come to their aid. They would rather need the right mix of creativity, practical learnings, and the academic know-how to not only excel in their assessments now but also tide over the said challenges in the future.

Research-Based Evidence Linking Creativity and Academic Performances of Children

At Excelsior American School, a renowned Schools in Gurgaon, we have always maintained that nurturing creativity and zeal to innovate are the foremost visions we have for our children. And this view and aim of ours is adequately backed by the results of several research papers, some of which are shared below.

Ai (1999) studied the relation between creativity and academic achievement. In the study, 2,264 students (38 percent were boys and 62 percent were girls) were randomly selected from 68 schools. Three types of creativity tests were conducted for the students. Their academic achievement was assessed using a self-reported achievement in four subject areas, i.e., English, Natural Science, Mathematics, and Social Science. The report stated that when operationalized by their grades, creativity was found to be related to greater academic achievement for both boys and girls.

Santrak (2004), in his research, found that fostering creativity helps children to think more deeply about the lessons taught to them. He believed creativity is an ability to think about things in new ways to achieve unusual and unique solutions to problems. This thereby aids in the internalization of knowledge and better academic performance.

These are only two instances of researchers lauding the role of creativity in ensuring academic prowess. Many more of such journals and researches have time and again stressed the same fact, as well.

How Fostering Creativity Impacts Academic Prowess in Children?

Mojgan Fatemi, professor of Educational Psychology at the Islamic Azad University in Iran, states that “Creative thinking is positively correlated with academic achievement. Since it makes the students interested in analysis and evaluation, they can analyze their academic tasks and solve their problems better.” As such, when we foster creativity among the young minds, good schools in Gurgaon it endows them with the ability to get through even the most difficult tests based on their analytical power and deep understanding of the study material.

Mrs. Sarabjeet Kaur, Vice Principal – Excelsior American School, among the top schools in Gurgaon believes that creativity also comes to the forefront when it comes to the practical application of the theories learned in class. No wonder the most creative minds are those who are more curious and more skillful in the labs. And this forms an important part of their academic assessments as well.

At our school, we have seen that creative individuals are better at processing complex data because they are always up for trying out innovative ways to address the issues. This comes in as a valuable trait at various stages of not only their academic journey but also in their professional life ahead. Also, it gives the young learners the zeal to think outside the box in the assignments, which further shows up brilliantly in their class participation, and thereafter, in their report cards. And, of course, there is no denying that such an inclination of the budding geniuses also prepares them better for the demanding and competitive corporate world of the future.

Our Vice-Principal, Mrs. Kaur, sees the process as an interconnected whole where fostering creativity aids in the academic prowess and future career prospects of our children. And this is why making sure that the innate creativity of our pupils does not get burdened under the load of rote learning has always remained one of our priorities at our institution. top 10 schools in gurgaon After all, it is their creative bend of mind which is going to aid them a lot in opening the doors to better higher education and career opportunities going ahead.

Excelsior American School: Nurturing Creativity in the Young Minds

When it comes to children, creativity is something that is inherent to them. They start showcasing their inventiveness right from the first time they hold play dough in their hands and keep displaying the same whenever their mischiefs have their own streak of creative genius. Isn’t it?

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