How Much Space Is Needed For a Good Kitchen Island?

by William Jones manager

Thomas M Dickinson- a veteran home design architect rightly states:- 

“ Adding a kitchen island helps to boost up the kitchen decor in many ways. Well-planned kitchen island layouts allow a smooth work-flow along with appropriate space for prepping delicious meals of all varieties.

However, proper planning is important. Poorly planned layouts can bring about plenty of inconveniences and with it heaps of frustration. More particularly if the existing kitchen space is short on space from the start.”

The Appropriate Space Required in the Kitchen:

Most people in Australia believe that their kitchen decor or remodelling is incomplete with a proper island layout smack-right-in-the-middle of it. It has transpired to become a pivotal inclusion for most 21st century modern kitchens- much like those old-fashioned hearths so popular in the old days. 

With loads of experience in all kinds of home renovations in Mordialloc; James Griffith- advises every homeowner to figure out the right amount of space needed in the kitchen. 

  • One Needs To Determine The Clearance Zone. 

This is an important aspect of a good kitchen island layout. One can always take help from notable experts of home renovations in Parkdale for proper measurement of the kitchen. 

For rectangular rooms of 161.5 ft (5 metres) in width and 193/4th feet (6 metres) long, these experts will place the main cabinet along one of the walls. Furthermore, these experts will also measure the depth of the cabinet from the back wall to the frontal part of the cabinet (which will measure approximately 25 inches/650mm). 

These experts will also leave a gap between the island’s countertop edge and the countertop edge on the cabinet’s back run. This space is the clearance zone- or the space surrounding the island. 

  • Determine The Right Safety Aspect.

One also needs to consider the safety aspect when planning for a good kitchen island design. The right distance means proper clearance distance between the island and its opposing appliances, drawers, doors, ovens and storage cabinets.

One needs to leave more space to avoid risks of tripping, getting hurt, falling, especially when carrying a knife or sharp object. The least distance should not be less than 900mm (3 feet).

  • Determine The Right Size Of The Island.

Kitchen islands can always vary in shape and size. However, the suggested size of an appropriate sized kitchen island measures around 1000 by 1000 mm (40 by 40 inches). And if one wishes to add this island, then the clearance zone needs to be something around 800 metres.

  • Determine The Countertop Size Too.

Along with determining the right sized island; one should also focus on the size of the countertop too. Check if the countertop size fits physically into the kitchen prior to purchasing it. With that; one also needs to check the making quality of the countertop and possibly for any visible unwanted seam. 

Take help from trusted home builders and renovators in Mordialloc to select the appropriate countertop. Their expertise will go a long way in making the right purchase.

Final Words:

Proper knowledge of each of these key aspects will ensure one achieves a good kitchen island renovation. This is by no means an easy task and so be sure to have trained and licensed home builders serving Parkdale to execute every stage of the project properly.

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