How Much Do You Know about Indian Jewellery Online?

by Pallavi Singh Digital Marketer
Navratna accessory set of nine gemstones. Accordingly, people could achieve success and gain good health by wearing a suitable stone in a piece of jewellery. A symbol of this belief the sash of Nine gems – a royal decoration used to hold the reigning monarchs swords. It was believed that would bring victory to the wearer in battle. It is believed that these precious stones rings can bring blessings to the wearer and protect from all danger like harm from weapons, fire, enemies, poisonous animals, and insects. When the nine gems are combined, they give the own power and influences. Most of the factors are taken into consideration and the horoscope has to be drawn up according to planetary positions and their influences during various periods of life. The gems that a person should wear are decided based on these predictions. The colour of the planet is reflected in the human body through the gem. The consumption and reflection of the rays and vibrations have an effect on the wearer. The correct stone deflects the metallic rays allowing beneficial rays to enter the body. Apart from the use of these nine gems in making jewellery such as rings, pendants, bracelets they are also used in royal holds to decorate utensils. It is mostly seen in the foundation of Hindu Temples. Here we introduce which planet associated with the gemstone. Sun associate to Ruby Moon – natural Pearl, Mars – Red Corel, Mercury – Emerald, Jupiter – Yellow sapphire/Topez, Venus – Diamond, Saturn – Blue sapphire, Rahu – Hessonite Garnet, Ketu – cats Eyes. Stones used for astrological reasons may have some natural inclusions, but all these stones should be transparent, translucent and flawless. It is believed that gemstones with cracks will block the path of the light or the rays.  Larger stones are recommended to convey the maximum benefit to the wearer. The willpower and the belief of the wearer are also important. During the ancient time, Navaratna Jewelry was predominantly worn Navaratna ring price by the kings and emperors in the form of amulets.  Since each of this gemstone is associated celestial deity, the combination of these nine gems is believed to invoke the cosmic powers of heavenly bodies in totality. The nine gems Indian jewellery online were considered so powerful that only the kings and emperors were given the perceived effectiveness. The Navaratna especially diamond jewellery, played a very significant role in shaping the history of India. As representatives of cosmic powers, they symbolized dominance and authority and as such was frequently used to finance wars, force relinquishment, rouse revolutions, and for other war and political purpose.

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