How MBA Students can improve Time Management Skills?

by Tulas Institute Best Engineering College

Acquiring a degree in Masters in Business Administration requires a huge devotion of time and resources. In order to maintain the soundness of mind, spend time with friends and family, and also avail yourself of amazing opportunities as they arise, one needs to manage their time well. Time management skills help an individual to find that extra time required for better performance in a class of the best Institute for MBA in Dehradun along with improved peer perceptions when working in groups. Moreover, proactive time management can help with both the family and employer expectations. To be a good time manager, an individual must set his/her priorities straight, schedule time, take advantage of tools, and get organised. It’s very important to incorporate all of these into an individual’s lifestyle. Below mentioned are some guiding pointers that will help one in improving his/her time management skills. 




In order to effectively manage one’s time, it’s very crucial to set priorities and make segregation between what is urgent, what is important, and what is unnecessary. The best way for MBA students of the Best MBA Finance college in Dehradun is to achieve all of this by creating a to-do list. This list can be drafted as a daily, weekly, or monthly planner depending on one’s requirement. However, it is vital to distinguish between which all subjects are really urgent, important, or can wait for some time. By doing this, one can focus and move through tasks in a more organised manner. Sometimes students get tempted to multitask in order to just finish everything at once which is totally wrong and may sometimes lead to poor quality of work. It is believed that multitasking is less efficient than doing one task at a time. 




It’s crucial to set time for each task/chore that is to be done. Framing a calendar for all of the daily activities is one way that can help MBA students of the best college in India for MBA in International Business to become a good time-manager. Here, calendaring doesn’t refer to just noting down exam dates or mentioning class dates; it means that one must schedule everything in their day

from including their wake up time, working on lessons that are difficult, project deliverance, and so on. It may be a little unexciting to calendar everything, but if once started one will find that with a little time scheduling he/she can actually have more time in a day to do the things.


KNOW YOUR DEADLINES at the best Institute for MBA in Dehradun


This is one of the most important and non-negotiable time management skills that one must know. As an MBA student, one must be aware of his/her deadlines, otherwise, chances of facing the possibility of failing in the course are much higher. With the starting of the course itself, one must note down all the important dates. This will help a student to plan your time more efficiently as you can clearly see when key dates like exams and assessments are and plan your time around them. Once you know your deadlines, try to work backwards when planning how many study sessions are required.




It is essential to be aware of time wasters or they will consume most of your valuable time. Surfing the internet, watching television, gaming, and browsing on social media sites are all sorts of time wasters. One must know how to dodge the usage of the same and instead use the same as rewards once your To-Do List has been completed. One must keep their To-Do List close by in order to stay focused and be on the task at the Best MBA Finance college in Dehradun.



This may seem counter-intuitive, but taking regular breaks away from the computer or textbooks is really important for meeting certain deadlines. Studying requires a notable amount of mental and creative effort, and the brain needs some amount of rest to keep up with what it has already learned, and also to come up with new ideas. Students of the best college in India for MBA in International Business must make sure to keep their breaks small, and regular by tying them to a specific task, like making a cup of coffee or going for a quick small walk. Small breaks can really improve one’s concentration levels and can help to engage in far better time management.


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