How Long Does It Take To Become A Certified Scrum Master?

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Before diving into the details about how long it takes to become a certified scrum master (CSM), let us take a look at the background of the Scrum methodology. The Scrum methodology has become incredibly popular in every sector and industry in the world. Technology has played a big part in making it so popular. Due to the technological revolution which has changed the face of the world, now every business and organization has started dreaming of launching projects which will have a global impact. But the drawback with launching such ambitious ventures is that it increases the cost and requirements that the business or organization will have to bear dramatically.

Suddenly, the business or organization finds that it has to hire large teams of personnel and assign them to different parts of the same project or in some scenarios even different parts of different projects. In these cases it becomes a nightmare for the management staff to make the team leaders of the different teams coordinate with each other on the various tasks that have been assigned to them. Collaboration as a whole becomes very difficult to achieve, especially when the various tasks are interlinked to each other and their completion depends on completion of other tasks. Progress can easily become halted in such cases.

How does a Certified Scrum Master help?

This is where the Scrum methodology comes as a great help. Lessons on the Scrum methodology are imparted as part of any decent Online CSM certification. It provides the guidelines and principles which can prevent such projects from disintegrating into chaos. It gives the team leaders and project managers the tools and techniques which enable them to manage their respective teams, tasks, and the project as a whole effectively. Once a Scrum team gets involved with a large project, all its problems of collaboration disappear very quickly. This is in part because the Scrum methodology lays down very specific and stringent rules about how communication is to be carried out in a Scrum team. There are very fixed, clear, and transparent channels of communication laid down which are overseen by the Certified Scrum Master (CSM).

What is the first step in becoming a Certified Scrum Master?

First one has to undergo CSM Certification Training. The training has a short duration relatively speaking. It usually lasts for 16 hours and is conducted over a course of 2 days. One should take special care that they only attend a training workshop which is conducted by a Certified Scrum Trainer or a CST. This CST should have all the proper credentials stating that he has been certified by the Scrum Alliance. This is an important precaution to take because there are many unscrupulous elements in the educational course provider sector nowadays who offer CSM certification training but have no connection with the Scrum Alliance.

What should one keep in mind during the workshop?

The candidate is advised to pay all the attention at his command to what the instructor of the workshop attempts to teach to him. The CSM certification training workshop is very important for passing the Certified Scrum Master certification test. So a candidate should listen very carefully to everything the instructor says during the workshop. It will prove to be a great help to the candidate when he appears for the Certified Scrum Master certification exam.

Is it possible to appear for the CSM certification exam without undergoing training?

No, it is not possible to appear for the Certified Scrum Master certification exam without undergoing CSM certification training. This is because the CSM certification training is mandatory for taking the Certified Scrum Master certification exam. This is a very stringent requirement for the Certified Scrum Master certification exam set in place by the Scrum Alliance. The reason is that the Scrum Alliance firmly believes that the candidates seeking to appear for the CSM certification exam should not only possess the theoretical knowledge required to clear the exam but should also possess a certain amount of practical experience needed to function as a Certified Scrum Master in the real world. A full-fledged Certified Scrum Master managing large real-world projects will need a certain degree of confidence which only comes from performing practical Scrum-related tasks in a workshop.

What is the format of the Certified Scrum Master exam?

A hard set requirement for becoming a Certified Scrum Master is that an aspiring individual must pass the Certified Scrum Master test first. It is an extremely difficult and challenging test. A daunting statistic about the test is that only 28% of those who take the test pass it. That means that the failure rate of the test is 72%. So one can imagine just how high the difficulty level of the test is. It is a test which will comprehensively and minutely examine the candidate’s knowledge, understanding, and confidence in the Scrum principles and guidelines. It is not for the faint for heart. This test is the whole reason that the CSM certification training exists.


The Certified Scrum Master certification exam has a total duration of 60 minutes or 1 hour. The candidate has to pay a total of 29 USD to take the exam for the first time. One has to score a minimum of 74% on the exam to pass it. Each candidate is given a total of 2 attempts to pass the exam. If they do not pass the exam in those 2 attempts, they are required to pay a fees of 29 USD to appear for the exam again. It is required that one get an Online CSM certification before appearing for the exam.

So how long does the entire process take?

How long they take to become a Certified Scrum Master depends entirely upon the individual ability of the candidate in question. They can schedule their Certified Scrum Master certification exam at any time and take the 2-day CSM certification training at any time before the date of the exam. After that, it is all a question of how much time they require to prepare for the exam. Someone may be able to perform the feat in a couple of a weeks while another may take more than 2 months. So the amount of time it takes varies a lot.

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