5 Reasons to Rekey Locks

by Naveen S. Digital Marketing Expert

Rekeying the locks is one of the easiest and cheapest methods to ensure the safety of the homes. Due to its extremely low price of the key pins, it is always an inexpensive option rather than changing the whole lock system. However, there are locksmiths in Phoenix, AZ that are available 24/7 and can visit any time of the day to rekey locks according to your suitability. There are many people who are unfamiliar with the concept of rekeying. It is an alternative to replacing all of the locks as hardware, instead of changing the locks, the locksmith changes the pins inside the lock so that the old key will no longer work and the new key is generated. However, listed below are the 5 reasons to get your locks rekeyed.  

  1. When you move into a new house

When you move into your new house you feel like in cloud 7. But what if the house is not safe? What if the house keys you get from the owner are accessible to previous housekeepers, or contractors? It is always a good idea to call the nearest 24 hour locksmith in phoenix, which can help in rekeying your new house locks and you can get you a new key in hand.

  1. When You have lost your keys

Most of us lose or misplace the keys, once in a while or even frequently. This is important that you should call a required locksmith to rekey the lock. One can also go with duplication of the key, but what if the key is handed over to the wrong person. Rekey will definitely help you to secure your home and your assets.

  1. When your employee quits or fired and refuses to give back the key

This generally happens with the business owners and store managers. The employee who quits or fired from the job turns out to be a disgruntled employee and tends to refuse to give back the key. It is always better to make a plan B,  as rekeying of the locks help in providing security and avoid theft.

  1. When a tenant or roommate moves out

If you are a landlord or property manager, it is your responsibility to provide full security to your tenant. If in case, your old tenant has left the place and forget to return the key, it is important to call the locksmith and rekey the lock before you put the new tenant in. For people with roommates, the same applies to them. Sometimes, roommates forgot something in the room, which leads to their constant movement, can cause a threat to the assets or robbery. The rekey of the lock is always a good idea for such people.

  1. When your keys no longer work well

The keys have got a specific life period just like other products available in the market. There is also the possibility that the key may get prone to oxidation (rusting) or gets old. This makes the key nonfunctional as it no longer opens the door as it used to be. In such a case, calling a locksmith and telling them to rekey the lock is advisable. The thumb rule, one should rekey locks once every five years.

There are many expert car locksmith in phoenix that can help you in rekeying the car lock. In such case, the lock is removed from the steering wheel and then the pins are adjusted for the new key. In this way, your car could become much safer and secured. All in all, rekeying is a perfect solution for those who need security upgrades for their home, office, warehouse or car at affordable prices.

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