How Is The Green Ship Recycling Process Saving The Environment?

by Stuti S. Digital Marketing Expert

Green ship recycling removes those parts of the ships which are toxic to the environment, marine, and human lives.  There are many poisonous substances inside a vessel that need to be taken care of post recycling to prevent the substances from posing a threat to the environment. Methods like ship breaking without taking any precautions allow poisonous waste like asbestos to be spilled dangerously in the waters. Therefore, harming the aquatic lives, but the green responsible ship recycling process eliminates all these life-threatening practices and helps in protecting the environment.

Many countries have started to improve the recycling of ships on the scrapping yards by adopting a green ship recycling process. Ship recycling done in the form of ship breaking leads to potential harm to humans and nature.

There are various poisonous substances present inside the vessels, which include polychlorinated biphenyls, lead, mercury, and more.  These toxic contaminants cause a severe impact on the health of people working in the ship scrap yards but, this is now being taken care of by the companies by adopting safety measures like green ship recycling.

The green ship recycling industry is helping in saving the environment and the humans in the following ways-

- The green ship recycling method reduces the release of poisonous substances from the retired vessels and discards the most eco-friendly way. Recycling ships in an environment-friendly way produces less greenhouse gas emissions into the environment. This reduction is due to less energy consumption in contrast to the energy used while using iron ore.

- Green ship recycling reduces the degradation of natural resources and promotes using recycled materials, thereby saving the natural resources for future use. The eco-friendly method of recycling the ships in ship scrap yards reduces land and water pollution. Cost-effective and environmentally sound dismantling of obsolete vessels through the green method in ship scrap yards reduces water as well as air pollution.

- India ship breaking yards and other countries stay connected with various stakeholders that use the valuable parts from the obsolete vessels and recycle them to make furniture, household appliances, d├ęcor materials, paints, hardware items, equipment, etc. It is helping in increasing the local economy and growing the trade of refurbished goods and scraps obtained from the vessel.

- The steel obtained from the green recycled ships is used in the steel industries which use the ferrous from the obsolete vessels to produce goods such as bars, pipes, poles, and more. The entire local industry is now developing due to ship scrap yards. It is one of the main reasons that are increasing the local economy, as it helps in growing the trade of refurbished goods, as well as scraps obtained from the vessel.

- Shipbreaking is a life-threatening process in which the dismantling of the retired vessel occurs on beaches, but the green recycling removes the poisonous waste properly and disposes it off safely preventing them from flowing out to the seas. Many green ship recycling companies are now well equipped with the technologies so the disposal of toxic material is done most safely and soundly. In addition to protecting the environment, responsible green ship recycling in ship scrap yards also offers more jobs and a safe workplace for the workforce.

Therefore, green ship recycling is safe for both humans and the environment. This is an important contribution of ship breaking yards in India and other countries towards sustainability as the world needs to protect the resources for future generations. And responsible green ship recycling eliminates all the harmful practices that impact the environment and aquatic as well as human lives.

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