How is a door lock made?

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The locks ensure that your family is safe and secure inside the house. The lock is also a safety measure against thieves and miscreants. When you leave your home, you lock the door securely. When you do so, you are sure that everything in your home will be safe in your absence, because of the locks that you have installed. For the best results, hire services from a trusted locksmith in OKC.
Before the advent of electronic locks, people would install mechanical locks on the doors of their homes. Often these locks are considered to be better than electronic locks. Ensure the best results with help from a trusted locksmith in OKC. Some of the essential steps in the manufacturing of mechanical locks have been discussed below.
1.Body of the lock

Selecting a suitable material to make the body of the lock is very important. Usually, locksmiths prefer rustproof materials like brass or steel, to make the external body of the lock. Materials like brass or steel also make the lock stronger and cannot be easily broken. These metals cannot be filed with a common metal filer. This makes the lock stronger and resistant to damage.
2.Internal mechanisms
Although a lock is a simple mechanical device, yet it has a complex system of levers and cams inside it. Lock manufacturers mention it is the levers, cams, wheels, and gears that make up a lock. The lever in the lock is constructed in such a manner, that unless the correct key is inserted the lock will not open. The lock itself will be mounted on the door frame. Usually, door locks have three or five points. So once you insert the key into the lock and turn the key, the bolts in the lock will fit into place with the door frame. This will lock the door.

Similarly, when you turn the key in the anti-clockwise direction, the bolt will withdraw from the door frame. Sometimes these locks also have a tumbler system in which individual levers have to fall in place, before the door can be unlocked. Such door locks usually have more locking points. Added locking points mean that it will be all the more difficult to force the door open.
3.Making the key
The most important part of the lock is the key. Once, the lock is made your locksmith will also manufacture a key that will fit into the lock. The key to a door lock is usually made of the same material as the lock. The key will have grooves and ridges corresponding to the lever movement within the lock. After your locksmith makes sure that the key fits perfectly in the lock, he will provide you with spare keys. 
Thus, while selecting a suitable lock for your door check the material of the door on which you want the lock to be installed. Ensure that the lock you choose is ideal for the door and after that fit it with a suitable door lock.  Contact a locksmith in Norman OK for the best results.

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