How Infertility Affects Men and Women and What are it's Ayurvedic Treatment?

by Ravi Kant SEO Expert and SMO Manager

Infertility refers to the inability to conceive after regular sexual intercourse without the use of birth control. Male and Female Infertility is a common issue and is treatable with proper medication.

Infertility in men and women

Some of the Causes of Male Infertility are-

• Low Sperm Count- Your sperm count is considered low if it is lower than 15 million

• Abnormal Sperm- Unusual shape of sperms will make it difficult for sperms to move and fertilize the egg.


Some of the causes of Female Infertility are-

• Hormonal Imbalance

• A tumor or Cyst

• Excessive alcohol or Drug abuse

• Extremely brief menstrual cycle


Ayurvedic Treatment of Male Infertility

• Ashwagandha - Ashwagandha has a lot of medical value, it is used in various medical treatment. It controls the stress level, improves the nervous system and its entire functioning to make the body healthy.

• Shatavari - Shatavari has always been used for treating male infertility. Shatavari is known for enhancing the production of sperm naturally, it also improves the quantity and quality of the sperms. It has the properties of increasing the energy levels of the body.

• Kaunch - Kaunch is another very useful and powerful herb that has many uses in the treatment of male infertility. It also assists in increasing sperm count and releases a high amount of testosterone which helps in improving dysfunction in erection. It provides more strength to male organs.

• Talma Khana - Talma Khana is a well known ayurvedic herb, it helps in increasing the quantity and quality of the semen. It also helps in increasing the blood flow to the male organs.


Ayurvedic Treatment for Female Infertility

Ayurvedic treatment for female infertility

• Ashoka - Ashoka is a very powerful herb in Ayurveda, it is also very useful in female infertility. It helps in the process of ovulation.

• Lodhra - It helps in regulating the levels of reproductive hormones like FSH and LH that are essential for conception.

 Shatavari - Just like male infertility Shatavari helps in Female Infertility as well. It helps in keeping the ovum or egg healthy and helps enhances fertility as it contains estrogen-like compounds.

• Gokshura - Gokshura works as a fertility tonic in women by stimulating the ovaries and thus it heals PCOs, which is a major cause of female infertility.

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