How Important Property Identification Surveys Are for Property Buyers?

by Vision Surveys Land Surveyor Companies & Consultants Perth
A Property Identification Survey even termed as “Property Identification Survey” or “ID Survey” is much crucial for identifying the parts of the property correctly, which is to be bought.

Having a detailed property survey will be providing the essential details regarding the very property to be purchased. So, the home buyers have to take this step to reap the benefits of vital property surveys.
The property identification surveys indicate the property's boundaries, description, and lot size. The licensed property surveyors first conduct research on the history of the property along with its title based in Perth to make sure the discrepancies are absent as to who is owing to the property. Then, the surveyors conduct a sketch of the particular property, along with its boundaries along with the other essential elements. The sketch is the map detailing the legal boundaries of the property.


The property survey even comprises of the property's written description, the building's location along with the adjacent properties, the street address, and possible improvements to be done to the property.

The exact property surveys as conducted by the registered licensed surveyors bring up a clear understanding of the entire property before it is bought.  

Just as the property surveyors have significant influence over habitable space development, similarly they provide substantial importance in protecting the future investment thanks to the property survey.

i. That Very Described Property is Being Bough For Which Payment Has Been Made
Assurance is needed as regards the title documents are exactly for what you are paying. The licensed property surveyors confirm the purchased property has matched the entitled Title. The survey helps to make sure the process is perfect for accomplishing the property.

ii. For Dispute Elimination Over Boundary Lines and Corners of the Land
The survey ensures you have received accurate information related to the prevailing boundary lines and added possession demarcations. Once you have access to all the necessary information, then you can easily make a decision whether you prefer to build up a fence now or later, have a driveway paved or an extra room should be added to the house. Since you know where the boundary lines are, so you can easily avoid future troubles with the neighbors.

iii. In Order To Do Away With Fences and Buildings
Owing to the property surveys, any significant issues related to dividing buildings and fences can be resolved. Erecting a new fence in between the two properties must be located on the boundary lines so each property owner could equally share the maintenance and replacement costs. The property survey helps in marking the boundary lines and ensuring the uncertainty of fence location is absent or to whom it belongs.

iv. To Report On The Underground Cables and Drains
Spotting the wiring above the ground during the inspection is easier, but checking out what is there underneath is not possible. Through the property identification survey the necessary information on the type of electricity, water, gas, drains, telephone, cables, and wires that are there hidden under the property become known. The utility companies might use a proportion of land for line upkeep, and in case it is falling under your home, then they have the right to get it done. Therefore, knowing the location of all the underground utilities before starting off with the construction is indeed a smart idea.

v. Knowing the Rights of Encumbrances, Easements, and of the Way
This very section of the property in question determines whether you or your neighbors are having any legal right for walking across each other's properties to reach your own. This section details what must be done with the shared yards or the driveways, or else whether the neighbor is having the right of way to go to the street and alleys in between both of your homes.

The property identification survey done by the property surveyors reveals whether any easements are existing, for instance, for drainage purposes, Covenants, and Restrictions on usage of the land, and whether the subject land and property are complying with the necessary terms and conditions. Even the encumbrances are outlined on the property survey and will bring up the claims and liabilities affecting the property's title.

Completing the due diligence is much necessary when it is relating to the identification survey, and it will help in saving time from having to deal with any kind of expensive mistakes. Thus, you know the limits of your property and so you can allocate your necessities accordingly.

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