How Homeschool Students Benefit from Using Crossword Puzzles

by Karla Davisio Finance manager

Thousands of crossword puzzles are published in newspapers, magazines and activity books and distributed throughout the globe each year. Many adults spend several hours each day working through these puzzles as a personal hobby while others may do them just to pass the time. Students can also benefit in several ways from regularly completing crossword puzzles. Even during the summer months, these puzzles can still prove to be effective homeschooling tools for learning and overall development.

Improve Vocabulary and Reasoning Skills

Along with learning a lot from completing crossword puzzles, students can also improve vocabulary and reasoning skills by doing so. Each one has a list of small problems that need to be solved in order to complete the puzzle. Students are required to identify specific words to solve these problems and understand their meaning, which will expand a student's vocabulary. Students are also able to improve their spelling, because misspelled words prevent them from completing the puzzle. Reasoning skills are improved since students will have to evaluate different options so that they can draw the right conclusions.

Learn a Lot While Having Fun

Studies have confirmed that students learn more when they are having fun. This is true regardless if a student is learning at home or in a classroom. Based on the different learning environments, however, homeschooled students have to be more engaged in the covered material than classroom students in order for this type of learning to be effective. When reviewing information for a math homework test, for example, students will be less intimidated when completing a crossword puzzle than when going through practice tests and review sessions. Using fun activities, such as games and crossword puzzles, also makes summer school a lot more enjoyable for students.

Teach Both Visual and Auditory Learners

A major problem with many teaching tools and methods used today is that they do not apply to both auditory and visual learning styles. Most tools that are able to succeed with visual learners fail with auditory learners and vice versa. A major benefit of using crossword puzzles as tools for homeschool students is that they are effective at teaching both styles. Visual learners are very good at solving puzzles and enjoy the satisfaction of being able to complete them. Auditory learners benefit mostly from a step-by-step approach to reasoning, which is required in order to complete a crossword puzzle.

Easy to Customize for Specific Subjects and Topics

The subjects, topics and types of questions and clues that are provided through a crossword puzzle can all be changed. This gives parents and homeschool tutors the ability to customize these puzzles to match the material that is being covered. Regardless of the topic, a crossword puzzle can be created to effectively review the information. There are many websites that have printable worksheets that match a variety of topics. Different software packages are also available that allow parents and tutors to create original puzzles from scratch.

Allow Students to Work on Problem-Solving Skills

Problem-solving skills are essential tools that can help students succeed in school. It does not matter which subject is being covered. Crossword puzzles allow people to develop and improve these skills over time. Students will also be able to enjoy the satisfying feeling of accomplishment each time that a puzzle is completed. However, building problem-solving skills are essential throughout life in general, not just in school.

Even though crossword puzzles are cherished by many people worldwide, there are still many others that neglect them. These individuals clearly do not understand the educational value and other benefits that can be enjoyed by completing them. These puzzles can also be used as effective learning tools instead of just personal hobbies. Even when students are taking a break from school in the summer, crossword puzzles can still help them with their learning, reasoning skills and overall development.

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