How Has Cloud Computing Revolutionised Our World

by Data Direct Data Computing Services
We have always had the need to store our important data in secure places, whether they are physical documents that you compile in folders and cabinets or digital files that you store on computer hard disks and external hard drives. In the latter however, the storing of so much data is always at risk of being wiped out completely or getting stolen because of the not-so-strong infrastructure of both the options. This is why the introduction of cloud computing has completely changed the way we look at digital storage.   

Normal computers are prone to crashing due to age, accidental viruses and other such causes while external hard drives are cumbersome and also have limited storage which might lead you to invest in more when it gets over. Cloud computing is the perfect solution as it is a digital storage solution where you can securely keep all your files with most clients offering you unlimited storage. 

Apart from these benefits, here are a few more that has led to the resounding success of this service: 

Access Anytime, Anywhere:

You can access cloud computing services from anywhere with an Internet connection. Files, photos, videos and other properties that can be stored on the cloud are all usable and accessible without you physically carrying them or handling them. This way you can operate those files right before an important meeting or pull up that photo to relive your memories whenever you want to. The mobility of this service has increased even more with the launch of apps on your mobile phones and tablets where you can easily edit or work on your documents!

Secure and Safe:

The biggest draw towards cloud computing is its immense privacy and security measures, compared to laptops and hard drives. In today’s world, data is everything and preserving it has become the number one priority in the world. Your data can either get lost after a computer crash or can be stolen leading to the loss of any work you may have done. With cloud computing and their secure firewalls, you can sleep rest assured that your data is safe and sound. The programming put in place to encrypt your files is very sophisticated with regular software updates to keep it working properly.

Sharing Documents:

A lot of services offer flexible options where you can share your documents with other people to work on it together. It can be a waste of precious time to always go back and forth with edits when you are working in a group but with cloud computing services you can edit sheets, write content or retouch photos for the ultimate team work experience. Options like business process management suites and electronic data management suites also make cloud computing customisable and for a better overall working environment online.

Eco Friendly: 

Cloud computing is an environmental friendly option that benefits from having no physical structures that may lead to the harming of nature in any way. Laptops and other storage device are all made in factories with electronic waste also contributing after people are done with using their piece of technology. Cloud computing is therefore the cleanest and greenest option for storage!  

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