How Good is Olive Oil For You?

by Luessi Dino I am a Writer
History of olive oil

The actual data behind the origin of olive oil is still not known to humans. However, the evidence does give us information that olive dates can be dated back to over 6000 years. Initially, it was found in Crete in Greece during the 3500 BC. The tree plantation spreads to the Mediterranean basis, Southern Europe and in the African shores.
Oil extracted from olive dates is a luxurious ingredient used not just as a food component but also as a beauty ingredient. This oil is also used as facial masks, facial cleaners and as a treatment for the skin to moisturize skin and reduce scars. Using olive oil for face or skin can prominently enhance the quality and glow if used consistently.
Benefits of olive oil show how good it is for humans

The main component of olive oil is monosaturated fat. Monosaturated fat is considered to be a healthy fat. Instead of using trans fats, this fat acts as a healthy option for the diet. Following are the numerous health benefits of olive oil for the human body.

·         Blood Pressure Reduction- Monosaturated fat helps reduce blood pressure down since it comprises of certain antioxidants. In extra-virgin olive oil, this is in abundance. These antioxidants also are known as polyphenol are the main source of lowering down the diastolic and systolic blood pressure. For the maximized benefits of the fat one can consume it on a daily basis.

·         Cancer Effect Reduction- The monosaturated fat which is the main component of the olive oil is filled with oleic acid which can even reduce down the occurrence of cancer. This oleic acid helps in the reduction of a gene which is responsible for the formation of cancer known as an oncogene. Positive results have been experienced by using olive oil in helping reduction of colon, breast or prostate cancer.

·         Skin Care-Olive oil is also great for a skin which is showing some signs of aging. The best olive oil for skin in its most natural state gives an SPF protection in between 2 to 8. After exposure to UVB rays if olive oil is used immediately it can provide prevention from skin cancers and tumor formations. Overall it helps smoothen the skin and improve its overall texture.

·         Beauty Regimen Ingredient- One of the purest and highest olive oil quality is the extra virgin olive oil. This oil has minimal processing with no adulteration made with any other oil. This signifies that even after the olive oil is pressing its anti-oxidants and vitamins remains in them. It is also popularly known as EVOO and is a beauty secret for women. Olive oil skin care is today the best skin care choice of women for the daily beauty regimen.

·         Hair Treatment- Hair loss is a big problem for which people are constantly searching for some natural treatments. A very common home remedy to treat hair loss or thinning of hair is the use of olive oil on hair regularly. Olive oil hair treatment helps provide nutrients directly on the spots which are balding or getting thinned on the scalp.

It is centuries since when this oil is used as a skin, hair treatment ingredient and also as a cooking medium for health-conscious people. Not only is this oil beneficial for the interior of the human body but also to the exteriors.

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