How Global Payroll and Employer of Record Solutions Help in Expanding Your Business Globally?

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For any organization targeting big in the business world, expansion into the international market is a process that sooner or later follows in its journey. It not only enables it to find a wider customer base also leads it to an acquisition of a talent pool, which can become an indispensable asset for the progress and achievement of the goals for a company.

However, for an organization, establishing itself in the form of an entity in a foreign country is often a task fraught with innumerable difficulties, complexities, delays, costs, and risks. Moreover, for many companies targeting a foreign base, goals may vary, and establishing a physical entity may not be the first step. That’s when an Employer of Record Services or EOR step in.

Employer of Record Services: What does it mean?

An Employer of Record is a third party company or an organization that has expertise in dealing with a myriad of issues of local nature along with managing the local workforce as well as many other formal operations and transactions, which have to do with the target country’s labor laws and administration.

It is, for example, legally responsible for the onboarding of employees along with dealing with employee taxes, insurance, benefits, and visa applications plus many other days to day dealings like payroll solutions that concern human resources.

With their physical and technical infrastructure in place, Employer of Record can prove extremely useful for the companies to easily overcome the complications and hassles of market understanding, market access and participation and management of payrolls and other human resource operations for international employees as well as compliance with employment laws in the country.

Thus, EOR helps companies to bypass the arduous process of setting up the entities and assist them in finding new markets, along with finding an international workforce and efficiently managing benefits systems and even sponsoring work visas.

The Responsibilities of an EOR: How do they help to find ground in a country?

A global employer of Record takes up the responsibility of hiring employees for the company. Besides, it does a lot of back end work for the company, which effectively frees up time and save hours for the company to focus on its core expertise. An EOR assists the client in, for example, outsourcing the payroll services, handling personal functions like the management of employee’s direct deposits, payment schedules, taxes, and tax contributions. Additionally, it caters to all the in-country HR needs and takes care of employee’s benefits like insurance. Furthermore, it handles all legal matters as well as the workers’ onboarding and hiring contracts. Governed by the local laws, it supervises workers’ compensation along with taxes and benefits owed. Apart from these, it does background checks and drug screening, staff performance evaluations, and handling of employees’ termination.

The Apparent Advantages of Partnering with Employer of Record Services

The Employer of Record Services offers distinct benefits to the companies, which hire them. Being located in the target countries, the EORs invest cost and effort in setting up physical and human infrastructure, thereby saving them time and additional burden for their clients. They offer them the ability to employ a foreign workforce compliantly without having to set up an entity and see into the legal technicalities and conformation with the local labor laws, thus enabling the companies to run their business smoothly. Charged with the task of handling the employees day to day HR functions, the EORs provide cost-effective operations, which lend the company peace of mind. The Employer of Record services takes off the risk factor and takes care of critical details by maintaining the employees’ payroll and administering employee benefits with statutory deductions like health insurance and taxes. Finally, an Employer of Record helps a company to penetrate into foreign markets. Hiring an Employer of Record means that a company can establish its presence on foreign soil, without having to own a physical entity. It also offers room for the companies to experiment before committing the time and money needed to set up an entity.

What to look for a Potential Employer of Record Provider?

Since Employer of Record providers manage such a crucial part of an organization’s work, it is important to look in for certain core characteristics in them to ensure that they appropriately protect the company’s interests. The most important characteristic is the provider’s level of knowledge of the country in which the client is planning to expand. One way to estimate this is by finding out how long the provider has been in the business or whether it is an established direct entity or depend upon local partners. Wisdom dictates, that long a provider has been around, lower would be the risks involved in dealing with them. Moreover, it is also a reliable sign of their commitment to providing services in the target country.

It should be kept in mind that only a permanent provider can provide local invoicing and other HR services. Another aspect to look out for is that the EOR should have the staff at the local level to fully regulate the clients’ HR and payroll services. At least a year’s experience of direct employment with multiple clients will be an added advantage, which in turn also demonstrate their expertise. Lack of deep local expertise will mean a relative inability to manage a client’s complex employment situations. Lastly, before deciding upon an EOR, it is important to review the contract and find out if the terms protect the company’s commercial interests. The client company must make sure that the provider understands the company’s interests and furnish the services they need. In any case, however, even if the provider is a core service or a side-line, it should be considered as it will ultimately decide the attention and investment of time that the client will get.

How Companies Benefit from the Employer of Record Services:

There are many obvious benefits to be drawn by the companies by hiring an Employer of Record Services. They take the share of the critical chunk of back-end operations of the client, which can be overwhelming, especially for mid-sized firms. Due to their expertise in handling a vast array of services, from Global Payroll Solutions, recruitment to dealing with taxes, and other days to day tasks, it helps the companies to free up their resources and focus on their core operations, thus enhancing efficiency. Moreover, with their in-country expertise, EORs help the companies to stay compliant with foreign employment laws. They also stay updated on any changes in the employment laws in the areas where the company plans to expand. To put it simply, hiring employees from around the world can be so complicated, that many firms simply shun the idea of having a workforce in a foreign country.

However, an Employer of Record Services allows you to hire and manage employees within foreign jurisdiction right away, thus enabling the firms to avoid the drudge on their core resources. This also helps in increased cash flows and increased savings, which in turn facilitate the firms to expand in other areas or accomplish its mid and long terms goals faster. Lastly, although not a staffing agency per se, the Employer of Record Services can help hire quality employees in a short time, which can quickly add an asset to companies, permitting them to move ahead with their growth plans faster.

Infotree’s Global Payroll and Employer of Record Solutions: One Stop Solution to All Your Needs

With Infotree’s Global Payroll and Employer of Record Solutions, clients find not only a trusted partner but a reliable friend in solving a host of issues that they may face in setting up their business abroad. With their proven expertise and a vast network of presence in different countries, Infotree allows the clients to have their workers functioning, quickly and legally. They offer Global Payroll Solutions, insurance requirements, employment taxes, and other issues surrounding legality and compliance, and many more. It is a one-stop-shop for international payroll and employer of record solutions, making the entire process simple and ensuring peace of mind for their clients.

At Infotree, the focus is on providing the best of the business services to their clients, in order to help them achieve sustained competitive advantage. These goals are carried out by a team of highly professional and experienced individuals. The core approach is a combination of a broad knowledge of business issues along with a deep familiarity with specific industries. Such an approach brings about quick and exceptional results leading to an all-round satisfaction for their clients.

Delivering top-quality results to their clients is the foremost priority at Infotree Global Solutions. Adhering to the highest ethical standards, it furnishes risk-free solutions based on its proven track record. In its path towards excellence, it has seen almost every imagined global employment circumstance. Being one of the fastest-growing minority-owned firms, Infotree has an enduring commitment to community involvement, with support to groups from different communities. Our team of talented individuals shapes the company’s aspirations of being the best in the business and to be the trusted first choice of our clients.

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