Benefits of Global Mobility Solution Services

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Many market experts term the 21st century as the era of Globalization. Nowadays, companies are trying to reach out to customers worldwide and to step foot on the international market outside their native country. This type of business expansion leads to the physical transportation of employees across the globe. We call such movement of individual employees "Global Mobility." The primary goal of the GMS or Global Mobility Service is to help the MNCs in business expansion in foreign countries. Global Mobility Solutions try to make this process of expansion as smooth as possible for the companies by transferring skilled professionals from one country to another.

But it isn't a piece of cake to transfer the employees around the world, even for the company. This process requires a lot of paper works, preparations, and unforeseen difficulties regarding Immigration. These can be pretty time-consuming as well. So, the companies turn to Global Mobility Solutions for the hassle-free transfer of employees in a foreign country. The Global Mobility Solutions service providers help with cross-country employee immigration, household goods shipping, flights, and hotel booking, visa, work permits, home search, payroll service, tax estimation, and so on. Let's know about the services of GMS in detail in the following paragraphs.


It can be a time-consuming task to apply for a visa, fill the important forms, submit necessary documents, etc. So, Global Mobility Solutions help the employees with these legal procedures related to Immigration. Employees' immigration services include advice from talented and experienced professionals regarding work permits as well. These GMS groups help the employees in case of work permits and residential permit extensions as well.

Employee Equity Incentive

Apart from Employees immigration services, Global Mobility Solutions help the employees of a particular company with ESOPs or Employee Equity Incentive. Here, they conceptualize various compensation schemes. The GMS group also helps the company and its employees by designing an equity-linked incentive. When you are in a foreign country, the Global Mobility Solution will help you by reviewing your already existing plans. In addition, they appraise the employees regarding regulatory norms, industry practices, etc.

Payroll Service and Payroll Diagnostic

Global Mobility Solutions take care of the payroll and taxes of employees in a foreign land. They collect information related to taxes in both the home country and the foreign one. After that, they start managing the payrolls on a global level and tries to provide the employees maximum tax benefit. The GMS group advises the transferred employees regarding their take-home pay. The Global Mobility Service Providers also assist the employees for meetings related to compliance requirements on a monthly and annual basis. These service providers go through the compensation methodologies of employees in detail to check issues. They also review tax forms and salary papers of employees.

Foreign Exchange Regulations

The Global Mobility Solutions service providers inform the candidates about the foreign exchange rates of both the foreign country and the home country. These service providers give valuable information related to exchange controls to those employees who are about to leave or immigrate in their home country. The GMS group talk about the employees regarding investment opportunities during the foreign exchange as well. Whenever you plan on transferring money from one country to another, you should talk to the Global Mobility Service providers regarding this. They will provide the employees an updated list of foreign exchange policies.

Relocation services

Can you imagine how difficult it can be for an employee to find accommodation in a foreign land right after landing in that country? The companies generally provide flight and accommodation facilities for the initial few days for each and every employee. It keeps the company away from focussing on the core business. That is why they trust the Global Mobility Service providers with such tasks. The GMS group arrange for the residence permit as well. They also look for home options for the employee's stay in that foreign country. Technically, at the employee's request, Global Mobility Solutions can house-hunt for them.

Global HR Consulting

Global Mobility Solutions provide Human Resource services in a foreign country as well. It takes care of employee's needs and manages the work environment. The employees can talk to the Global HR unit of the GMS group regarding issues related to their leaves, payments, insurance, etc. Even before stepping foot in a foreign country, you can talk to the Global HR Consulting unit of the GMS.

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