How effective is Window Film Insulation?

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People install window film for all sorts of reasons, one of which is to keep their property feeling more comfortable. The aim is to regulate the temperature so it doesn’t get too hot in summer or cold in winter, and to reduce energy bills at the same time.

The main consideration before installing window film is to find out if it works. It requires an initial outlay of money so potential users want to know if it really will regulate temperatures and if the outlay will be recovered through lower energy bills.

Beneficial Window Insulation in Sydney

Window film for insulation may be installed instead of double glazing because it is much cheaper and involves less disruption. It’s also more relevant for those who rent a property because of the cheaper cost and the fact it can be easily removed.

The cheaper cost may suggest it’s less effective but this shouldn’t be taken as a reason not to install window film since the two methods work in different ways. Double glazing traps air between the two panes of glass and this acts as an insulating layer. Window film, however, works by blocking solar gain and glare during summer months and by preventing heat escaping during cooler winter months. In this way, rooms are kept cooler during hot weather and remain warm when it’s cold outside.

Some types of window film are marketed as solar film and are specifically designed to reduce solar gain and heat loss. These types can block around 70% of solar gain and reduce heat transfer by up to 50%, which can significantly reduce your energy bills as well as keeping you more comfortable.

The cost-effectiveness of window film can be illustrated by the initial cost being recovered in energy savings in around three years from installation. And since a good quality film is likely to last twelve years before replacement is necessary, the last nine years will be pure profit.

Quality is Vital

The key to the effectiveness of window film is getting a high-quality product and having it installed professionally. This will ensure it does its job efficiently over a long period, with no danger of peeling, cracking or other failings. All our film at Tintfx is the best quality and our installation service ensures it’s put on properly — our long warranties prove that.

Insulation film is much cheaper than double glazing but offers comparable benefits. Add in its other features, such as increased privacy, improved security, prevention of fading in furnishings and its decorative qualities, and there’s no contest.

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