How Does Voice Over Influence Emotion?

by Bhanvi Kumari All in one business management software
Traffic, Ringtones, Mosquitoes, people talking while chewing gum, all these and more are one of those things in the world that are just downright annoying. What makes these things annoying? According to research, the thing that makes them annoying is the speech itself. It’s the voice that annoys most people. It looks that these voices are intruding on people's personal space and which sets our teeth on edge.
Voice over work influences our emotions. It makes us receptive to different settings of our environment. While there are plenty of irritants in the world, there is a lot of ways in which we try to alleviate that sense of annoyance. 
Let us see how voice-over influence emotion.

1. Pleasant Voice makes us Happy

A smooth or distinctive voice is pleasant for the listener. It makes people want to watch your video or listen to your audio for longer hours. Sense plays a very significant role in keeping the man engaged. When you present a pleasant voice for your listener, they experience good feelings about the content that they are watching or listening to. Voice over work allows men to enjoy the video/audio. 

2. Voice Over Evokes Emotions

People want to listen to someone who doesn’t sound ignorant or arrogant. You should possess a beautiful voice to keep the annoyance off the people back. The voice-over work affects people because they want to listen to someone who they feel is trustworthy and has some credibility. It invokes in them the emotions of loyalty and faith. Full-time pro-voice-over actors generally have years of training and experience which helps them to engage the audience and invokes in them the emotion that they want to generate. 

4. Voice Over Work Holds its attention

People have generally become very picky today. They have shorter attention span due to a wide variety of distractions that are competing with their attention to focus elsewhere. It is imperative for a voice over artist to ensure that your video has a narration that is pleasant and engaging all the way through to the end.

5. Better Retention

Speech in any form reels us in. When people are talking or having a conversation with each other, the brain gets focused on listening. As the information is imparted to you, a person's brain starts processing the information. Voice delivers such an effect that the brain retains the information like a sponge and helps you prepare your response.

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