How does the charging system work?

by Roy William Automotive servicing

Electricity is required by the car for the working of the car engine especially during ignition and is also required by other electrical components. Power coming from the ordinary battery would not be sufficient, it, for this reason, a car has a rechargeable battery along with a charging system to keep it fully charged.

Car Battery Parts

A car battery comprises of lead plates that are submerged in the mixture of distilled water and sulphuric acid. A chemical reaction takes place when electricity is supplied to the battery which leads to deposition of lead on one set of plates. The exact opposite thing happens when electricity is supplied by the battery.

Charging and working

In modern cars, the alternator is responsible for charging the battery. In old cars, the dynamo was used for charging the battery. Both dynamo and alternator belong to the category of generators. In an alternator, the rotor revolves around a stationary set of coiled wire winding. The rotor is an electromagnet. The small amount of electricity is supplied through the carbon brushes which are in contact with the metal slip rings that are revolving on its shaft. The electromagnet rotation within the coil generates sufficient electricity. The flow of electricity changes back and forth on each instance the rotor turns. This needs to be changed and turned into a direct current or one-way flow. Modern cars have dashboards with indicators. Usually, a warning light will start glowing. This indicates that the battery is not properly charged. You need to get it charged and better visit nearest reputed Battery Repair Bridgnorth Centre.

Working of alternator

As the magnet moves past the closed mesh of wires the current starts to flow in the wire. We all know that a magnet has two poles north and south. North pole passes the top of the wire loop while the south pole passes through the bottom of the wire loop. This leads to the current flowing in one direction. The current stops passing as soon as poles start moving away until north poles reach the bottom and the South Pole moves to the top. This time the current starts flowing in the opposite direction.

Regulating the current to the battery

A set of diodes are utilized for rectifying the current from the alternator into direct current. Diodes help in ensuring that current flow them in one direction. To charge the battery the voltage supplied must not be too high or too low. There is a transistor operated control device within the alternator that is responsible for supplying an adequate voltage to the electromagnet.

Since car battery is essential for ignition it is essential that the battery is working in perfect state. Regular maintenance of car battery can be useful in ensuring longevity of the batteries. It is therefore essential that you visit a reputed service center that monitors the health of your car battery during service visit and keeps you updated with healthy tips and condition of your car’s battery.

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