How does QuickBooks hosting helps accounting firms to save their resources & money?

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QuickBooks hosting is the new standard when it comes to accessing information remotely for accountants & CPAs, using the internet as opposed to storing data on physical servers located in a single location. As this technology becomes more popular for personal use and business applications alike, more and more accounting firms have begun taking advantage of cloud computing services. This change from traditional hardware storage has opened up a new market for bookkeeping companies that are well-versed with cloud security measures to become sought after resources. The other terminology for this kind of practice is known as hosted QuickBooks. 

With the advent of cloud computing, organizations and bookkeeping companies alike can reap the benefits. If a bookkeeping firm wishes to succeed in this climate and provide their customers with the very best service, they need to constantly up their game by studying new trends and many different ways that they could apply those trends to fit the needs of their clients. 

By moving QuickBooks to a remote host, bookkeeping companies can take advantage of the many benefits that QuickBooks hosting has to offer them. In fact, some business owners report that migrating their business data to a remote location as well has improved their overall productivity as well as profitability! Let's explore these benefits further.

Centralized Security 

Centralized security using enterprise level hardware and software is sometimes overkill for small businesses because it can be very expensive. If a small business owner only needs QuickBooks hosting, commercial hosting services is certainly the most cost-effective solution out there and provide an easy way to manage your QuickBooks on a regular host.

Hosted QuickBooks on a commercial host is certainly one of the more prominent advantages, especially when it comes to price. Because hosting allows companies to share resources across many sites, they can enjoy a significant reduction in IT costs while maintaining security and ensuring uptime.

Remote accessibility 

No matter where you are, you can access your QuickBooks files on a variety of devices with the new hosted QuickBooks feature cloud has to offer. As more and more businesses move to a remote employee model, it's an essential feature for end-users to have access to their data no matter where they are. Because this QuickBooks application is hosted online there is no longer a need to actually be in the office during business hours to open files and get down working. This makes it possible for employees who travel frequently or live outside of the office outskirts to work remotely whenever they want. We know that there are countless benefits of working with remote workers, one of these being transportation costs!

Running a business is harder than ever before. More and more people are spread out all over the place. This makes cloud computing solutions, like QuickBooks hosting, even more vital. By moving this desktop application to a hosted data center, you no longer have to be in the office to access your files - someone at any distance with an internet connection can open up accounts at any time and begin working right away. Not only will this save both time and money by not keeping in-house servers or paying IT specialists, but it could reduce transportation costs as well as other costs of running a traditional data center.

Faster processing servers

Take advantage of cloud computing servers for faster processing speeds and better performance without the need to upgrade your web hosting server in-house. This is again just one of cloud hosting's advantages across the board. Most companies don't even have the capital or budgets to purchase enterprise level technology like this. With cloud computing, you're getting access to enterprise level harnessing power while saving time because there's no need to upgrade your own internal hardware!

If you are looking for a hosted QuickBooks solution for your organization, there’s no need to purchase your own hardware or hire a team of IT specialists to install software and apply patches. A QuickBooks cloud hosting provider will already have everything that you need!

Ensuring business continuity

In order to uphold trust among clients and customers, it's crucial to have a sound grasp of business continuity principles. QuickBooks Cloud hosting solutions, like Quick Cloud Hosting, for example, guarantee 99.99 percent uptime without fail in order to prevent any interruptions in business activities while making sure that your data is always at hand when needed. With QuickBooks hosting, you also get the bonus data security, cloud backups are performed frequently so that they can be downloaded with minimum delay if any data is lost due to unforeseen circumstances such as natural disasters or localized invasions by criminals out to steal information or sabotage your IT infrastructure in general.


Many accounting firms are not aware of the benefits hosted QuickBooks has to offer; however there are a number of benefits to outsourcing these activities. For many businesses moving their QuickBooks to an online server allows for substantial cost savings and improves business operations. These advantages include: 24/7 access to your data, budget flexible solutions, scalable architecture and technologies, unlimited capacity and scalability, consistent upgrades on all hardware without any upfront costs or administrator time, allows work from anywhere and the support is world class!

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