How does Astrology help resolve marriage Life problems?

by Vinay Bajrangi Best Astrologer Near Me

Astrology always has answers to the problems of a native and can offer solutions for marital life disputes too. Once you have accepted that there are too many problems in your married life, and identified the root cause, you can observe the remedial measures of the troubling planet easily. Astrology states that the movement of planets influences human life. Their conjunctions, transits, and dashas define the significant events in our lives. When favorably placed in our birth charts, these planets offer promising results, while afflicted ones offer unfavourable outcomes. Thus, whenever we feel stuck and unable to come out of trouble, it is most likely that a planet is the cause of it and astrology, the solution.

Let us now take a look at what aspects of astrology will help you to resolve marital life problems:

Impact of Venus in married life

Venus or Shukra signify love, relationships, and play a vital role in one’s marriage and happiness. Therefore, to learn how one’s married life will be, astrologers need to examine the planet’s position, aspect, conjunctions, condition, transits, closeness to the Sun, and its afflictions.

Impact of Second House in married life

The second house in one’s kundali defines their ancestral wealth, possessions, and other materialistic values. It plays a significant role in various aspects of our marriage by signifying our material possessions and spiritual values.

Impact of Fourth House in marriage problems

The fourth house signifies our home, family, sense of belonging, emotional security, the role in family dynamics, bonding, and instinctual development. It is essential in terms of marriage as it describes our relationships and helps define how our married life will be. Moreover, it is the stepping stone towards moksha, which a couple can gain together by growing spiritually together.

The houses in one’s kundali are the playing fields of the planets, and the latter’s movements in the former help create a map of our lives. With their help, one can determine where an individual is in their life’s journey and how much longer they have to go on. Troubles are a part of life, and they are likely to occur in one’s marriage as well. Not all of these lead to break-ups and divorce. When handled properly, they can open the doors to happiness and prosperity for a native. It all depends on the person who is facing these traumatising experiences and their attitude towards these problems.

An expert Marriage astrologer can help discover these issues that may enter a person’s life, as well as assist them in overcoming the challenges. They can help them understand the causes by identifying which particular planet or house is creating problems as well as offer remedies to conquer them. For example, if Jupiter is the cause of the issues in a native’s birth chart, then they can observe remedial measures associated with the planet.


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