How does a Corporate Call Center differ from an Outsourced Call Center?

by Jennifer Aniston Author

A Call center is relatively a broader term than known to many business owners. Similar to how an inbound call center is disparate from an outbound, there are many points that distinguish others too.

In this blog particularly, we are going to pen down the point of divergence between a corporate call center and an outsourced call center. Let’s start:

1.    Scope

Basically, the main point of distinction starts from the scope that is is kept in mind before defining the type of call center. A reputed corporate call center is known to manage the calls and contacts for its own organization. It is more of an in-house facility, which is focused on the execution of business tasks within the company itself.

On the other hand, an outsourced call center is more of a service provider, which serves more than one client & project at a time. These sort of call centers are known to aid businesses in managing their communication requirements. An in-house call center has a comparatively smaller scope than an outsourced one. An outsourced call center generally has a bigger scope with larger expectations and business requirements. Sometimes though, businesses with seasonal expectations and smaller requirements also opt for outsourcing.

2.    Training

Obviously, an outsourced call center agent requires much more rigorous training than an expert in the internal call center. A professional in an in-house facility only requires getting in-depth knowledge of the product and services of their own company. Now, an agent working in an outsourced call center requires learning the products and procedures of more than one company that doesn’t align with each other. This creates the requirement to train these agents more aggressively.

An outsourced call center agent has to offer the discount to one company on different parameters and provide the same discount to other organization on quite an offbeat criteria. So, these agents have to be prepared for a much complex process.

3.    Convolution

Handling a single call center (corporate) is not easy too. There are numerous software, processes, and methods that a professional must master for a single company at the corporate call center. Now, imagine multiplying all these by many times. This is the level of intricacy for an outsourced call center. The possibility of various processes can be endless for an outsourced service provider.

4.    Diversity

An agent of a subjective call center is known to handle the repetitive calls over and over again. But, a professional working in an outsourced call center has to tackle different calls every time and have to face quite a diverse nature of calls each time. For a corporate agent, this variation may seem frightening and frustrating, but an expert of an offshore call center would find it extremely normal and exciting.

5.    Hiring

As we have discussed, owing to the complexity of the process, and bigger scope, an outsourced call center requires to hire professionals with exceptional skills and extensive experience. Therefore, the hiring and screening process of agents in these are much more stringent than that of a corporate call center. 

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