How do you find the company website URLs?

by Diana S. web designer

Whenever I want to find the company website URL of one company, it is usually an easy task. I write the company name in Google and mostly the first appeared website is related to the company I want.

However because of the similarity of company names to each other, especially the ones that are registered in different countries, sometimes it is not an easy task to find the company website URL on the first page of SERPs. In that situation sometimes many Google pages should be checked to find the correct one.   

Moreover to find the company website URL of hundreds of businesses is very difficult and somehow impossible. If you have a list with over 50 company names without their company website URL, do you still search the names in Google one by one or do you use other automatic ways!

Here I want to suggest to you the best strategy for finding and collecting company website URLs within a second. 

CUF is the source of company website URLs!

Company URL Finder (CUF) is an automatic tool to find the company websites easily and fast. To find and collect thousands of company website URLs is no more a difficult task! 

CUF strategy to find a website from a company name is economic as it saves both your time and energy. Instead of searching company names one by one, CUF is ready to find the company websites fast on behalf of you.  

I heard the name of Company URL Finder from one of my friends who is an old experienced digital marketer.  I tried it to find the website from company names and also I used its other services several times. To me, it was incredibly fantastic, easy-to-use, and professional. 

How does CUF find the company website?

Company URL Finder's strategy to find a website from a company name is modern and innovative. 

For single search, I wrote a company name in CUF dashboard and simply click on the search button. As soon as I clicked it, the result which was a company website URL was shown to me. 

What surprised me were the high speed and also the credibility of the result. All the items I checked were accurate and I have not got the wrong company website URL yet. 

In addition to the single service of CUF, it has a bulk tool too. In bulk service, I uploaded an excel file of company names in which all names are mentioned in the same columns.

After confirming the request and searching, CUF found websites from company names very fast. Each company website URL was recorded in front of its company name.  

The process of finding the company website was very rapid and it astonished me. Till now I have not faced any error and mistake in the results. 

Other services of Company URL Finder! 

The mentioned service is only one of the capabilities of Company Website Finder. In addition to finding the company website, it has three other tools as follow:

  • Company LinkedIn page finder

  • The service of converting emails to company names

  • The service of converting company website URL to company names

I tried three of them and they were great in my opinion. However, I used the service of finding a website from the company name more than the others. 

CUF’s company LinkedIn page finder

Like the main service which finds a website from a company name, this one finds a LinkedIn page from the company name. 

LinkedIn with over 690 million registered members in May 2020 has become a reliable network not only to help companies in the process of recruitment but also demonstrate company resumes, achievements and contacts to the whole world, a good place for offers and bids, sharing company products’ pictures and films and painting a picture of your organization in any way that you like. 

I think company LinkedIn profiles and websites have somehow the same degree of importance today as both are the showcase of businesses.

The reputation of LinkedIn in the business world caused many apps and tools to be designed and launched exclusively with the purpose of creating a more simple and convenient environment for LinkedIn users. LinkedIn profile URL finder is one of these services provided professionally by CUF.

As I know the number of companies you can ask their LinkedIn page URL is not limited. It totally depends on the customers’ requirements, whether he needs one or thousands of LinkedIn URLs, all are prepared in a matter of seconds. What the user needs to do is as follow:

  • Upload as many company names as you want through an excel file

  • Click on the search button

  • After only two seconds, all LinkedIn URLs are appeared

Converting company website URL to company names 

The third tool of CUF is an automatic tool by which company website URLs are converted to company names whiting a second. 

I had a list with 400 company website URLs and I needed their company names. After uploading the excel file of company website URLs and clicking on the search button, the results were showed to me very fast and in the blink of an eye. 

Converting company emails to company names

This service like the previous one gets the lists of company emails and converts them to company names fast. 

Each email is searched in CUF database and web pages in real time to make a double check and the results which consist the company names are showed rapidly. 

Why I recommend CUF!

  • Verified results: the job of any company website URL finder is valuable only when info is assessed and verified.  

Invalid company website URLs misleads you and has no result except wasting time, energy, and taxing your patience. 

The significance of info verification has caused Company URL Finder to concentrate on the best and most practical ways of evaluating the collected results with the help of artificial intelligence and the result is 99% correctness of gathered URLs s mentioned in CUF website.

I do believe that no result is extremely better than the false results! 

  • Fast: no matter how many company website URLs, LinkedIn pages or company names the user requires. They don’t affect the speed of CUF service as my experienced showed me.

The time needed to turn one company name or one thousand company names into company website URL or LinkedIn page is the same! In a blink of an eye all are converted!

  • Bulk services: Company URL finder tries to eliminate restrictions. Therefore it doesn’t limit users and they are free to enter a countless number of company names in this service to get company website URLs and LinkedIn pages.

  • Providing the LinkedIn URLs of company members: CUF LinkedIn profile URL finder can detect both:

  • LinkedIn company page URLs

  • Linked URLs of company members

  • Affordable: most of us are looking for premium quality services but it doesn’t mean that we do not care for the price. Price always matters for us.

Quality is meaningful only along with good rates! 

  • Finding LinkedIn company page URL through the company name: no need to enter company domains to get their LinkedIn URLs, only company or business name is enough.  

  • The most comprehensive database: company or business names are checked in a complete database (offline mode) with over millions of company website URLs and LinkedIn pages. If it was not available in the database, it is checked in web pages (online mode) in real-time. 

  • Globally available: the users of are from various Asian, European, American, Australian, and African countries. All the things that users need are an internet connection and a willing to try the best Company URL Finer of the market mentioned in CUF website. 

  • Convenient to use: Company URL Finder is deigned in accordance with all users of market at any age. If your knowledge of computer is not well, do not worry! Mine is not good too! Every step in CUF is clear and a complete tutorial and demo is also ready to show us how to apply this service. 

  • Well-supported: several times I asked questions from Company URL Finder’s experts and every time they response fast, to the point and completely. 

  • Various pricing packages: customers based on their needs may require limited or unlimited number of requests. You can select one of the bellow packages based on your needs:

  • Free: 50 request (Lifetime credits). Every new visitor can try 50 free requests to see how Company URL Finder works. 

  •  Starter: 1,000 request (lifetime credits)

  • Growth: 5,000 request (lifetime credits)

  • Pro: 20,000 requests (lifetime credits)

Updated database: as mentioned in Company URL Finder’s website, its database of company website URLs is updated continuously to add new URLs, delete changed ones, and add their correct forms.

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