How Do Website Designing Services Use Pop-Ups Effectively?

by Brittany W. Content Writer

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Most visitors agree that pop-ups are the most annoying website features. They get in the way of the content and add to the loading time. Yet website designing services in Delhi continue to develop them because they do get a small percentage of visitors to convert. This small percentage could mean many people depending on how many visitors you get because all of them will see your pop-ups.

There are also a few things that you can do to make your pop-up ads less annoying and get more people to take the desired action like signing up for a newsletter, using discount codes, etc.

Tips To Make Pop-Ups Less Annoying And More Effective

Pop Up Only Once

The web design agency in Delhi NCR recommends setting the pop-up ad to show up just once when someone enters the website. Setting the ad to show up every time they visit a new webpage is pointless because they already rejected the message. It just annoys them and makes you seem pushy.

You can make them even less annoying by setting your pop-ups to show up a certain number of times every week for every unique visitor. The less you interrupt them, the more likely they are to return.

Don’t Make Visitors Wait

Many websites make their visitors wait for a few seconds before allowing them to close their message. The idea is that the visitor will read the message and consider signing up. But most visitors are impatient and want to access the website content as soon as the page loads. That’s why website designing services in Delhi avoid making visitors wait.

Give An Easy Exit Option

Letting your visitor close the pop-up may seem counterintuitive but is a lot more helpful. If your popup doesn’t allow visitors to enter the site without signing up or something, then they’ll just hit back and visit another site. The same occurs if your pop-up doesn’t have an obvious close option because it gives the impression that there isn’t. Using a fake close button is just plain deception.

The web design agency in Delhi creates a clear exit option like a cross on the upper corner or a ‘no thanks’ link at the bottom. Your visitor can exit the ad and go through your content. They’ll be more likely to sign up after learning about your company.

Only Ask For What You Need

People will be more likely to fill out forms if they just need to fill in a few details than if they have to fill in many details. In most cases, you only need their email id or phone number anyway. All you need to know for contacting website designing in Delhi NCR is whether your suitable location is to keep your form simple.

Match Its Design With The Website’s

If your pop-up’s design looks too different from the site, then your visitors might mistake it for an ad for a different company and shut it down immediately. Visitors will give it some importance because it will seem like a message from you to them.

You can start with the basics by using your website colors and fonts for your pop-up. You can make it stand out slightly from the background by making slight changes to the color scheme but not too much.

A/B Test Them

Just because your current version is performing well doesn’t mean that you can’t make a better version. The best website designing services in Delhi usually A/B tests pop-ups to find the best version. A/B testing involves creating two versions of something and selecting one based on which performs better.

You can create copies with minor differences or create entirely different copies. You can measure their performance based on how visitors respond to them. You should keep testing them to find better versions.

Keep Your Copy Short And Simple

No one likes reading too much on the main site, they’re even less likely to read pop-up messages. That’s why the best website designing company in Delhi keeps them as short and to the point as possible.

Display Them After Some Time

Your visitors will close any pop-up they see immediately after they enter the website. You should give them enough time to go through the landing page before displaying your pop-up. Visitors are more likely to take action after learning what you can do for them.

Make Them Responsive

Responsive design is the norm as far as every best website designing company in Delhi is concerned. Like other website elements, pop-ups must adjust to different screen sizes so that visitors get a good experience regardless of whether they’re using a smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

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